• 1/17/23-1/26/23

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 1/18/2023 5:00:00 AM

    Tuesday 1/17/23

    ELA:Important dates and spelling words into planner, create flashcards for new vocabulary words, Realistic Fiction page 19 in reading packet (turn in U.2.W.5 reading packet and collect U.3.W.1 packet), Quick read of "Love, Amalia" excerpt, Latin Roots comprehension check

    Social Studies: Block 1 open book quiz for lesson 2 chapter 4; Block 2 work on lesson 3 Jamestown notes

    Wednesday 1/18/23

    ELA: Lexia minutes, small groups with Ms. Centers, Prepositions page 46 in reading packet, Workshop:

    (1) Latin roots page 42,

    (2) Spelling page 45

    (3) Vocabulary p.46 

    (4) Check for understanding p. 37 (questions 1-4)

    (5) Vocabulary Flashcards

    (6) Read for AR challenge

    Social Studies: Block 1 textbook pages 132-133; discuss the significance of Jamestown settlement; discuss rubric for Jamestown Map Assignment 

    Block 2: Lesson 3 Jamestown Notes

    Thursday 1/19/23

    ELA: Complete workshop from Wednesday, review for spelling quiz, close reading notes with reading partners,  preposition review, begin brainstorming for opinion essay

    SS: Block 1 work on Jamestown map

    Block 2: Lesson 3 notes, comprehension questions, "Age of Discovery" comp questions; Discuss Jamestown Map rubric

    Friday 1/20/23

    ELA: Review Game, Spelling Quiz, brainstorming for Opinion essay/current events assignment

    SS: Block 1 Jamestown Map Assignment

    Block 2 Open Notes Quiz, Jamestown Map Assignment

    Monday 1/23/23

    *Literacy Week*

    ELA: Review for ELA exam; Organize information for Opinion Essay

    SS: Jamestown Map Assignment; Lesson 4 notes and Vocabulary/Study Guide Page

    Tuesday 1/24/23

    ELA: Review for ELA exam; Develop Opinion Essay

    SS: Turn in Jamestown Map Assignment; Complete Lesson 4 notes and Vocabulary/Study Guide Page (turn in)

    Wednesday 1/25/23

    ELA: Test Prep Passage and Comprehension Questions

    SS: Lesson 5 notes

    Thursday 1/26/23 *Literacy Night 5:30-6:30 pm

    ELA: Unit 3 Week 2; quick read of story (realistic fiction), close reading notes, new vocabulary flashcards, new spelling words into planner

    SS: Review for SS Test 

    Friday 1/27/23*Character Parade at 8:40am*

    Character parade: dress up as your favorite literary character (no scary characters please as littles will be participating :)





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  • 1/9/23-1/13/23

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 1/9/2023


    ELA-Complete quick read from Friday and base words p. 388 in reading packet, complete centers with partner: base words and endings review sheet, complete "Explorer" comprehension questions, p. 383 "Check for Understanding," and spelling practice p. 391 in reading packet

    Social Studies-Reading skill for chapter 4 lesson one, walk through text features and current events assignment


    ELA- Complete Analyzing Argumentative text p. 384 (turn in page 383 and 384 in reading packet), complete the following centers: vocabulary practice, close reading notes, parts of speech p. 387, AR test/read independently, lexia

    Social Studies-Complete lesson review questions for lesson 1 (reading skill and text feature walk through B2), chapter notes for lesson 2 "Roanoke and Jamestown."

    Wednesday- 1/11/23

    ELA-Review for ELA test on Friday; writing practice; prep for spelling quiz

    Social Studies-Chapter 2 notes


    ELA-Review for ELA test on Friday; Spelling quiz

    Social Studies-quiz; Lesson 3 chapter 4; "Cause and effect" infographic


    ELA-Homework due, Test on Unit 2 Week 5

    Social Studies-Complete cause and effect infographic; discuss current events assignment/begin research


    Martin Luther King Jr.


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  • 1/2/23-1/6/23

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 1/2/2023

    1/2/23 Monday

    No School/New Year's Holiday Observed

    1/3/23 Tuesday

    Teacher Planning Day

    1/4/23 Wednesday

    Back to school!

    ELA-Review and practice Tropicana 4H Speeches in class; class competition (winner will practice for school competition held on Friday)

    Social Studies-Preview chapter 4

    Homework: Listen to quick read on SAVVAS (R) App on Classlink

    *End of Quarter 2*

    1/5/23 Thursday

    ELA-Fill out calendar/planner, begin Unit 2 Week 5: preview vocabulary and spelling words, introduce Argumentative Text (anchor chart), Quick read "Let Wild Animals Be Wild," Discuss and analyze base words and endings (p. 388)

    Social Studies-Chapter 4, lesson 1, small group readings and lesson questions

    1/6/23 Friday

    *School Tropicana Speech held in the cafeteria at 9:00 am-Parents invited to attend!*

    ELA-9:00 am Tropicana Speech (all of 5th grade will attend); if time remains, we will work in small groups on small group close readings for "Let Wild Animals Be Wild," discuss analyzing Argumentative Texts (p. 384)

    Social Studies-Review lesson 1, chapter 4 and complete lesson 2 small group readings and lesson questions if time permits


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  • 12/12/22-12/16/22

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 12/12/2022 6:00:00 AM

    12/12/22 Monday-Holiday Spirit Week, Christmas Hat Day

    ELA-Lexia and AR minutes, complete ELA review using word study prefix page

    Discuss and brainstorm Tropicana Speech ideas (2-5 minute speech on a topic that inspires you)

    Possible prompts for Tropicana Speech: Explain something exciting that has happened to you, something you have read a lot about, or something that means a lot to you...

    Social Studies- Complete Lesson 3 Vocabulary Study Guide using pages 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, and 101 in textbook

    Complete Lesson 4 questions 1-5 on page 107 in Textbook, using pages 104, 105, 106, 107 

    12/13/22 Tuesday Holiday Spirit Week, Crazy Christmas Sweater Day

    ELA- Complete Perfect Verb Tense Review page

    Tropicana Speech brainstorming and writing

    Reading Groups and about the author guided questions for "Elly" Holocaust

    Social Studies-Lesson 5 Chapter 3, pages 110, 111, 112-113 and Vocabulary Study Guide (extra copies in classroom)

    12/14/22 Wednesday Holiday Spirit Week, Winter Wonderland (wear white)

    ELA- 9:00 am School Spelling Bee

    Social Studies- Complete Lesson 5 and review for Chapter 3 test

    *Interim Grades Posted on FOCUS


    Textbook Pages for Lesson 1

    Textbook Pages for Lesson 2

    *Textbook Pages for Lesson 3,4,and 5 are uploaded to Monday and Tuesday.*


    12/15/22 Thursday Holiday Spirit Week Holiday PJ Day

    ELA- Unit 2 Week 4 Test

    Social Studies- Chapter 3 Test-Students should review all of chapter 3 prior to taking this test


    12/16/22 Friday Holiday Spirit Week Wear your favorite flannel

    ELA-makeup work; Reading log/Tropicana Speech Homework Due

    Social Studies-Make up work

    *holiday popcorn and movie if work is complete!

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  • 10/17-10/21

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 10/21/2022 7:00:00 AM

    10/17 Monday

    Teacher Planning Day

    10/18 Tuesday

    ELA-Writing prompt, Lexia minutes and meet with Ms. Centers (interventions and enrichment), centers (Reading groups, writing small group with Ms. C-brainstorm informational article, syllable practice, vocabulary, lexia/handwriting), Kahoot review for U.2.W.1 Test

    SS-Review last lesson chp. 2

    10/19/22 Wednesday

    ELA-Pass out new homework and reading packet, Review vocabulary, U. 2. W.1 Test, Writing workshop (turn in U. 2.W.1 reading packet)

    10/20/22 Thursday

    ELA-Fluency checks, meet with Ms. Centers (interentions and enrichment), page 253 in reading packet (unit 2 week 2), Centers (comprehension questions small group with Ms. C., close read reading group-problem and solution, page 254, page 279), writing workshop

    10/21/22 Friday

    ELA- Fluency checks, lexia, small groups with Ms. Centers (interventions, and enrichment)

    Mini lesson on stable syllables, page 280 and 283, anchor chart page 255 and group discussion, writing workshop (informational article topic research and web diagram)

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  • 10/10-10/14

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 10/10/2022 6:00:00 AM

    10/10/22 Monday

    ELA: Lexia minutes and complete late work, Reading groups + Meet with Ms. Centers, "How do we learn through observations" Unit 2 video and weekly question discussion, packet pages 213, and 242; close reading of "Far from Shore," in reading groups and homework discussion.

    SS-Reading groups p. 38-42 in SS textbook

    10/11/22 Tuesday

    ElA- Preview vocabulary, turn in reading log, shared reading of weekly story, Class discussion (what was confusing? Connect to what you already know!), Informational text p. 216, Author's Purpose p. 238

    SS-Reading groups p. 38-42 in SS textbook

    10/12/22 Wednesday

    ELA-Open and closed syllables and connect to spelling words, subject-verb agreement p. 246, Evaluate details p. 239 (independent practice), Graphic features p. 234-244

    SS-Comprehension questions 1-4 page 42 of SS textbook

    10/13/22 Thursday

    ELA- Open and Closed syllable sticky note and discuss, Informational texts "Ocean Explorer" article, Details on page 247 (prepping for writing workshop), Kahoot review game

    SS- Complete sequence chart for pages 38-42, and turn in with comprehension questions for chp. 2 lesson 1

    10/14/22 Friday

    Workshop day: Students used this day to work on and turn in any missing work for ELA and SS

    Informational text B2 finish "Explorer" article, and details on page 247 (prepping for writing workshop)

    Checklist for Make up work: Be sure to complete homework 8, social studies page 38-42 comprehension questions 1-4 and sequence chart, personal narrative, U.1.W.6 reading packet

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  • 10/3-10/7

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 10/3/2022 5:00:00 AM

    10/3/22 Monday

    Block 1- Reading groups, Review most missed questions from U.1.W.4 ELA test, Poetry Anchor Chart Review, Review Figurative Language, Review Metaphor and Simile (create your own), p. 149 to introduce comparative and superlative Adjectives

    extra practice sheet for adjectives

    Block 2- Lexia minutes and complete online SAVVAS (realize) assignments, Anchor chart review, Review Metaphor and Simile (create your own), Common, Proper and Collective nouns p. 148 and independent practice page (turn in)

    p. 141 in reading packet

    Social Studies-Comprehension questions for the Hispanic Heritage Scholastic article and/or research an influential Hispanic American (a part of Scholastic packet).


    Block 1-Reading groups, discuss imagery in poetry p.145, review idioms and complete sticky note quiz, p. 150 introduce Adverbs and complete extra practice sheet (turn in)

    Social Studies- History Makers Scholastic reading and quiz questions

    Block 2-Lexia minutes and small group, discuss imagery in poetry p. 145, p. 149 to introduce adjectives and complete extra practice sheet

    Social Studies- Comprehension questions and influential Hispanic American research


    Block 1-Adjective (comparative and superlative) check up, Regular and Irregular Nouns (turn in),

    Kahoot Review

    Social Studies- History Makers passage (Scholastic passed out in class), and questions

    Block 2- Figurative Language: idioms, and idioms comprehension check (sticky note quiz in class), p. 150 in reading packet, adverbs video and adverbs worksheet. 

    Kahoot Review for ELA U.1.W.4 Test

    Social Studies- Complete influential Hispanic American research


    Block 1-Turn in U.1.W.4 Reading Packet, Inquiry Unit Research

    Social Studies-Turn in History makers passage and questions, walk through chapter 2

    Block 2- U.1.W.4 ELA Test; begin Inquiry Unit Research

    Social Studies: Apps article and questions (turn in)


    Block 1-Inquiry Unit Research

    Block 2- Review U.1.W.4 Test Corrections/Most missed questions

    Social Studies-Walk through Chapter 2

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  • 9/27-9/30

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 9/27/2022 5:00:00 PM


    U.1.W.6 Homework

    Block1: Review most missed test questions, Personal Narrative Final Draft (individual conferences with Ms. Centers), Reading packet p.126, 128 (Discuss Figurative Language), Shared readings (all poems) 

    Block 2: Review most missed test questions, ELA U.1.W.5 Exam


    Block 1: Personal Narrative (complete final draft), Reading groups, close read notes and annotate poems on p. 130 and 132, Review figurative language and discuss metaphor, page 141, p. 140, Review suffixes with spelling words, discuss -able and -ible on p. 144

    Social Studies: Complete close reading questions, research page, read pages 2-3 in Scholastic news and complete quiz questions on p. 8, Begin "What I know" sheet

    Block 2:  Personal Narrative (complete final draft), Reading groups, close read notes and annotate poems on p. 130 and 132, Review figurative language and discuss metaphor, page 141, p. 140  


    Block 1 and 2-Writing Workshop (personal narrative), complete suffixes p. 144, review metaphors and complete p. 141, p. 140, Idioms video and p. 143, nouns (introduce common, proper, and collective), SAVVAS online assignment for -able and -ible suffixes

    Social Studies- complete and turn in Hispanic Heritage Month Scholastic Article and questions  


    Block 1-Review Kahoot, "Check for Understanding" p. 139, and ELA U.1.W.4 Test

    Block 2- "Check for Understanding" p. 139, Common and Proper nouns worksheet, and review kahoot

    Social Studies- complete and turn in Hispanic Heritage Month Scholastic Article and questions    

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  • 9/12-9/16

    Posted by Paige (Elizabeth) Centers on 9/12/2022 5:00:00 PM

    9/12-9/16 Homework: U.1.W.4; Vowel Teams (A Day on the Bay and Daisy the Snail), Reading Log (20 minutes daily)



    ELA-Turn in reading log, pass back work and discuss most missed test questions, review vowel teams, FAST Progress Monitoring Practice Test (Reading), Writing Workshop (personal narrative)

    Social Studies-Review Guided Notes

    Block 2:

    ELA-Review most missed test questions, turn in reading logs, and FAST Progress Monitoring Practice Test (Reading)

    Social Studies-Natural Resources Foldable 


    Homeroom- FAST Progress Monitoring and Lexia

    Block 2

    ELA-Review vowel teams, and Writing Workshop (personal narrative)

    Social Studies-complete Natural Resources Foldable, work on Social Studies Guided Notes


    *Midterm Progress Reports 

    Block 2- FAST Progress Monitoring (Reading) and Lexia


    ELA-Review skills from units 1-3, and Writing Workshop

    Social Studies-Review Game (kahoot) and Study Guide


    ELA-Continue to review skills from units 1-3 (vowel teams and suffixes and prefixes, Greek roots, context clues, inferences, author's purpose, and point of view), Writing Workshop

    Social Studies-Study Guide (block one and two)


    ELA- Review skills from unit 1-3 (vowel teams, suffixes and prefixes, Greek roots, context clues, inferences, author's purpose, and point of view), Writing Workshop (complete personal narrative), turn in reading packet and homework

    Social Studies- Study Guide/Review Game

    *Turn in homework! Reading packets for Unit 1 Week 4 will be sent home as well as spelling words



    Homework: U.1.W.5, Spelling and Vocabulary, Write spelling words in alphabetical order

    Monday 9/19

    ELA- Quick Write from U.1.W.5 packet page 155, Studystack.com for vocabulary words, Personal Narrative edit first draft U.1.W.3 page 122 (block1), U.1.W.3 page 123 develop conclusion (block 2), U.1.W.5 pages 180, 183, 156, 154-155, 158, and 177, Shared Reading "Kahlo" 

    Tuesday 9/20 *School Pictures!

    ELA- Personal Narrative edit (block 1-week 5 p. 185, block 2-week 3 p. 122) and check in with Ms. Centers, U.1.W.5 p. 177, Shared Reading p. 165-69, p. 184 

    SS- Hispanic Heritage Month Scholastic News close read and annotating

    Wednesday 9/21 *Fun run!

    ELA- Personal Narrative edit (block 1-week 5 p. 186, block 2-week 5p. 185) check in with Ms. Centers, Shared Reading pages 170-173 (review inferences), p. 175, p. 174-176 (cause and effect and text structures), p. 177 (predictions)

    SS- Hispanic Heritage Month Scholastic News Close Read and questions

    Thursday 9/22

    ELA- Final Draft Personal Narrative (block 2-week 5 p. 186), week 5 p. 179, 181, inference quiz

    SS-Hispanic Heritage Month Scholastic

    Friday 9/23 *Homework due!

    ELA-Final Draft Personal Narrative, U. 1.W.5 Test

    SS-Complete and turn in Hispanic Heritage Month Scholastic

    Packets passed out for upcoming week

    9/26 *No School/Fall Holiday


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