• High-Frequency Words

    high-frequency words

    High-frequency words are words that appear frequently in books. Examples of high-frequency words are againeveryknowcould. It is important that children learn how to read high-frequency words automatically, correctly without hesitation. The more your child reads and writes high-frequency words, the better he or she will get at reading them automatically.

    There are many activities that families can do to help their children read high-frequency automatically.

    1. Show your child the high-frequency word because. Have your child say the word, write the word, and then say the word again.
    2. Use the provided high-frequency word cards as flash cards and time your child as he or she reads a stack of them. You can place words that were challenging for your child in a separate pile, so you know which words need more practice. The goal is to read more words correctly in less time each time you engage in the activity.

    Read and Spell High-Frequency Words


     Read and Spell High-Frequency Words

    Help your child practice high-frequency words (always, because).