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    May 2020

    Parents and Students,

    These are the required assignments from April 13th-May 12th that must be completed for grades in Focus.

    • Powerpoint-Read the powerpoint lesson "Energy Flow In Ecosystems."
    • Do Science Quik-Pik # 11,12,13,14,15
    • Fourth Grade lesson-What Are Food Chains? Unit 11 Lesson 3
    • Review pages 527-542 in your notebook
    • Re-read the STEMscopedia handout on "Energy in a Food Chain" in your notebooks. Use the handout to complete the Linking Literacy sheets 
    • Benchmark Review-Text: What is a Food Chain? 
    • Assessment-Energy in a Food Chain
    • Read the article "Seasonal Adaptations". complete pages 5-7 
    • Use the article "Seasonal Adaptations" to do the Linking Literacy sheets
    • Benchmark Review-How Living Things Change with the Season.
    • Assessment Seasonal Adaptations  
    • Read STEMscopedia-"Seasonal Changes of Florida Organisms complete page  4
    • Use the article "Seasonal Changes of Florida Organisms"to do the Linking Literacy sheets.
    • Assessment- Seasonal Changes of Florida Organisms
    • Unit 9 Lesson 1: What Are Organs and Body Systems?  pages 429-444
    • Unit 9 Lesson 3: What Body Parts Enable Movement, Support, Respiration, and Circulation??pages 449-466
    • Unit 9 Lesson 4: What Body Parts Enable Digestion, Waste Removal, and Reproduction? pages 471-484
    • Unit 9 Benchmark Review pages 487-490
    • Unit 10 Lesson 1: How Do Environmental Changes Affect Organisms? pages 493-510
    • Unit 10 Benchmark Review pages 511-514
    • Unit 11 Lesson 1: What are Adaptations? pages 523-536
    • Unit 11 Lesson 3: What are Some Adaptations to Life on Land? pages 541-556
    • Unit 11 Lesson 4: What are Some  Adaptations to Life in Water? pages 559-574
    • Unit 11 Benchmark Review  pages  579-582

    Use this list as a check–off as you complete assignments. Give your assignments your best efforts until you complete all assignments. If the computer is not working for you, then do your paper packet! You can always work ahead of the schedule to complete your assignments by May 12thRemember parents all assignments are due by May 15th. All grades for assignments will be posted in Focus by May 22ndIf you are doing the paper packet follow the poster instructions for ways to turn in your assignments. The poster is located on Remind, Teams, and on this webpage. Students that are working online just submit work as you complete it. Grades are posted in Focus for work that has been completed.

    My office hours are Monday through Friday during the hours of 10:00am-12:00pm. I can also be reached by: emailingme at wimberlyj@leonschools.net, messaging me on Remind or with Chat in Teams. 

    I am available for questions, chats or hellos during my office hours each day.

    Keeping working! You got this!Got This!






























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