• Welcome to 5th Grade

    Welcome to our exciting 5th grade class at Bond Elementary School.  For those of you who are new to Bond, get ready... You will be amazed at the amount of learning that takes place!

    We are elated about our strong 5th grade team. We have a great combination of talented teachers with qualities that complement and bring out the best in each other.  We enjoy working together, sharing ideas, and helping students become readers and learners for life.  As a team of individuals, our first priority is your child's education and well-being.  We will work methodically to see that each child receives the greatest benefits of our educational program. 
    We know from experience that parent involvement is essential to maximize the benefits the child gets from his or her school experience.  Regardless of the experience and expertise of the teacher, research shows that the biggest and most important factor in a students' school success is the involvement of the PARENT in daily school experiences.  We urge you to become involved by helping your child with homework/projects, joining our PTA, attending school meetings and conferences, volunteering in the classroom, talking with your child about his/her school experiences and just simply participating in your child's education daily.
    We look forward to working together as a team--student, teacher & parents-and having a successful 5th grade year. 
Last Modified on June 16, 2015