• Blending to Read Words

    blending words

    Blending is the ability to put sounds together to read a word. To read a word, children must know the sounds the letters represent in the word and be able to blend those sounds to pronounce the correct word. For example, after children know the letter sounds /­f­/ for f, /­ă­/ for a, and /­n­/ for n, they learn to blend those sounds together to read the whole word. When they see the word fan, they are able to say,"/­f­/, /­ă­/, /­n­/, fan." By the time your child reaches third grade, he or she should be able to read many words automatically, without having to think about blending the letter sounds. However, when your child encounters an unknown word, blending together the individual sounds of the letters can help him or her figure out the word.


    Map A Word



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    How Many Words?


     How Many Words

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    Building Words With r‑Controlled Vowels


     Building Words With r-Controlled Vowels

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