• To check your TEC points & Inservice History:

     Go to ClassLink

    • Select the Leon LEADS tile
    • Select the "Transcript" tab, third from the left



    The first section is "Credits Earned During Validity Period"

      • Check the "Certification" line
        • Non-Bankable = these are points earned in your current validity period that will not carry over to next validity period
        • Bankable = these are points earned that will carry over to next validity period if not used for recertification 
          • only Reading, ESOL, ESE points are bankable
        • TOTAL = your total points available for recertification


    The second section is "My Certification Status" 

      • The Current Credentials box shows the date your certificate was RENEWED, NOT the beginning date of your validity period.

      • This box also shows the EXPIRATION DATE of your certificate.

      • Certificate validity dates ALWAYS start on July 1 and end on June 30, with a 5-year span on the years.


        • Your certificate will always be valid starting on July 1 of the year your old certificate expires and.. 

        • Your certificate will always expire on June 30 five years later.


    The third section is "My Transcript"  
      • The My Transcript section, and the totals at the bottom of the page, lists your entire inservice history, not just the workshops that you completed during your current validity period.
      • Print your inservice history using the PRINT button on the right over the top of your inservice history list.