Welcome to PE at DeSoto Trail

  • This year at Desoto Trail, we will be working on sportsmanship, developing existing skills, and learning new skills while building a foundation for lifetime fitness. Students are expected to come to class in tennis shoes and comfortable clothes for running.  

    Participation is graded on the following scale: 

    4 -­ Student performed tasks as directed by the teachers.  
    3 - Student was off task some of the time, but got themselves back on task.  
    2 -­ Student received warning from teacher for talking, off task behavior, sportsmanship, etc.  
    1 -­ Student engaged in off task behavior.  (Time out)  
    0 - Student did not participate at all.  

    The curriculum is in accordance with the Florida Physical Education Standards. 

    In addition to our Physical Education classes, we also offer our morning Mile Club. Beginning at 8am, students can come up and run on the track before school to get some exercise and earn toe tokens.


Coach Daugherty

  • Bob Daugherty

    My name is Bob Daugherty, and I have worked at DeSoto Trail since 2012. I was a parent volunteer at DeSoto for five years before that.

    I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida. Go Knights!


Coach Beener