• Digital resources we use are accessible through ClassLink and should be single-sign-on if they require an account. Your child shouldn’t need a separate username and password to use them.


    If you are having trouble signing in to ClassLink, try the steps below.  Please contact me and let me know if you have tried these but are still having trouble. 

     On a computer:

    Use the Chrome browser. Visit www.leonschools.net/launchpad and click “Login with Username and Password”. The username is StudentIDNumber@edu.leonschools.net. The password is the student’s 5-digit lunch PIN. You will need to have the ClassLink OneClick Extension installed in Chrome for single-sign-on to work in some cases.

     On an iOS or Android tablet or phone:

    Use the ClassLink LaunchPad app. Use the same username and password listed above. Some sites (e.g. XtraMath and Lexia) work much more reliably on a computer than a tablet or phone. i-Ready requires a separate app to be downloaded in order to run on an iPad.

  • Digital resources on ClassLink include:


    i-Ready is a daily instruction program we use at school. It is tailored to your student’s academic needs. Students should work in i-Ready independently, but you can explain concepts to them if they get stuck. Please refrain from over-coaching or giving away the answer; it’s important that the computer can accurately track which skills a student still needs to practice and which skills they have mastered. It is appropriate for students to work in i-Ready for up to 40 minutes per day (20 reading, 20 math.)



    Accelerated Reader is a resource that is used to keep students motivated to read and ensure they are reading carefully, for good comprehension. 



    ConnectEd is the online portal for our Reading Wonders curriculum. It has resources tied to the skills we cover in class each week. There are games, eReaders, grammar activities, and more.



    ThinkCentral is the online portal for our Go Math curriculum. Your child will have access to the Interactive Student Edition of our math textbook as well as Math on the Spot videos that explain math concepts.



    Ed Learning is the online portal for our Science curriculum.  In order to access our first grade material, you must click the drop-down arrow and choose the science book for first grade.



    BrainPOP Jr. offers educational videos that the students really enjoy. These can provide your child with more information about the topics we are covering. Also, consider using these as quick “brain breaks” throughout the day.

    USERNAME:  sullivanbp     PASSWORD:  brainpop



    All of our students have a full subscription to Microsoft Office 365. Tools like PowerPoint and Word can be a fun creative outlet for research projects or creative writing while building computer literacy skills.