What are the policies and procedures for checking out books?
    Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time. First through fifth grade students can check out two books at a time. Students may check out more books when necessary, such as special projects or assignments. The books are due back in two weeks after checkout. 
    When can students visit the Media Center? 
    Students are welcome to visit the Media Center throughout the day for book checkout, reading, and working on class assignments. Teachers of all grade levels also schedule their class for a weekly visit. They may also allow their students to come individually or in small groups throughout the day. 
    What if my child loses a book or the book gets damaged?
    We encourage the student to keep looking for their missing book because it often shows up. Students are not charged for overdue books and will not be prevented from checking out books (staying within the checkout limit). If the book is certain to be lost or is damaged beyond repair, we ask that the parent pay for the cost of the book.