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    As a Conscious Discipline school, our aim is to provide all Hartsfield stakeholders with social-emotional supports, in conjunction with our rigorous academic instruction.  Conscious Discipline provides our school with a framework and a trajectory towards self-regulation for students, faculty/ staff, families, and our community.


    While at Hartsfield, we are our students’ safe keepers, and we abide by several key principles:


    We come to school prepared to learn and do our best
    We respect one another, our environment, and ourselves
    We take ownership of our actions and learning
    We resolve conflicts in a peaceful, thoughtful, and meaningful way
    We celebrate our individual and collective successes


    These principles help us to sustain our school family—made up of students and adults alike—and to create a tone of decency and trust within our school. They provide the basis for clear and consistent expectations about what is acceptable at our school.  We make time to acknowledge and recognize students, teachers, and parents who exemplify these guiding principles.


    As well, appropriate supports and consequences are given to those who struggle to consistently follow these principles.  We use the powers, skills, and structures of Conscious Discipline to support our school family and to maintain a safe learning environment for students.