Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Clara Knotts

Dr. Clara Knotts is the director of orchestras at Swift Creek Middle School and Lincoln High School in Tallahassee and serves as the lab instructor/liaison for the FSU string music education majors. She received her Ph.D. in Music Education from Florida State University College of Music. She received her master of music education degree from Florida State University and undergraduate degree in music education from Stetson University. Dr. Knotts maintains a private violin studio, performs professionally, works with the Tallahassee Youth Orchestra, and presents at various conferences throughout the United States.

Prior to her appointment at Lincoln High and Swift Creek Middle Schools, Dr. Knotts served as the visiting lecturer of music education at Stetson University's School of Music. Dr. Knotts also taught with the Volusia County Schools where she taught elementary music and built a large orchestra program that was invited to perform at the 66th Annual Midwest International Band and Orchestra Conference in 2012. Additionally, she has collaborated with Trans-Siberian Orchestra violinist Mark Wood on performance projects with her students as well as for personal research projects.