• Physical Education

    Grading System


    *50% = Participation, Effort, Cooperation and Safety


    *25% = Skills, Fitness Testing and Mileage Cards


    *25% = Written Assignments


    *Mileage Cards - Students in 2nd-5th grades are required to complete 2 mileage cards per nine weeks.  This is part of their participation grade in Physical Education.

    *Written Assignments - Students will complete written assignments during class.  Students that miss assignments or do not complete the assignments are allowed to complete the assignments at home and return for a grade.  Assignments not returned will be given a zero for their grade.

    *Appropriate Shoes - Students in grades 2nd-5th grades are required to wear sneakers to Physical Education for safety reasons.  Students that do not have on the proper footwear may not be allowed to participate in all activities and loose points off of their participation grade.




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