• Dress Code

    The United States Supreme Court has ruled that although students retain the right of freedom of expression, schools may establish dress codes to protect the learning environment. Attire and jewelry must NOT:

    • be sexually suggestive

    • feature crude/vulgar commercial lettering, printing, or drawings

    • depict drugs, tobacco, alcoholic beverages

    • be indicative of gang membership

    • be so sheer and/or tight as to reveal underwear or body parts

    Baggy pants

    Lincoln High School will follow the LCSB policy and state law regarding “Saggy Pants,” as defined by the state legislature.

    Head Gear

    Hats, hoods, and stocking caps are not to be worn in general school areas, such as the offices, Media Center, Forum, auditorium, and in individual classrooms as determined by the teacher’s policies.


    Shirts for males and females must:

    • cover chest and back

    • have a covering over each shoulder; each strap is to be no less than 2 inches wide at the top of the shoulder

    • not expose the stomach or back when both arms are raised

    • not show excessive armpit area

    • not be made of “see-through” material

    Skirts, Dresses and Shorts

    Garments must reach beyond the tips of fingers when in standing position.


    Footwear is required and must be safe for any school activity in which the student will take part.

    Pants and Shorts

    The waistband of the garment must not fall below the waistline.


    Boxers, briefs, bras/bra straps, and other undergarments must not be exposed at any time.


    Outerwear may not be worn to cover inappropriate attire.

    Medical/Cultural/Religious Attire

    Such specialized attire will be allowed if it is part of a cultural activity, is a religious uniform, or needed for medical reasons. Exceptions may be made for game, practice, or P.E. uniforms under the supervision of the appropriate coach and/or sponsor.