Degrees and Certifications:

About the Teacher

As a teacher of children for over 40 years, I have the experience to handle most any classroom situation. I have taught pre-K and kindergarten and been at Buck Lake for the past twenty years.  Buck Lake is a wonderful school and I have been blessed to be employed alongside skilled and personable staff, who work together to serve our students in a quality environment.


Kindergarten is the best grade for me because the children need no motivation to be excited about learning. Assuming they are ready, coming to kindergarten is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to them. It is an important time as it sets the tone for success for the rest of their school years. Most children are able to deal with the new structure and learn an appropriate set of behaviors to settle in.  Their academic progress is nothing short of astounding.


I grew up and went to school in central Florida public schools. My dad and brother still live in the same house. I also have a sister. My mother passed away a few years ago.  I graduated from FSU and have spent the rest of my life here in Tallahassee, save a year and half in Jacksonville. I am married and have two adult sons, a daughter-by-marriage and a grandson, Ben, and a new grandbaby, Emily.  Family is very important to me. My family is half Seminole and half Gator. Thanksgiving is always interesting. I am a life-long United Methodist.


A few years ago, I earned National Board certification. I am currently working on  English for Speakers of Other Languages certification and Exceptional Student Education.


I love to travel. Most anywhere. It doesn’t even have to be far: I love wandering down dirt roads. I love nature, in most of its forms, but my pets are fish and frogs—outside.  I love growing flowers, and the pleasure of giving them away.  People interest me.  I have been writing a blog for the past few years and it is found at


I look forward to working with new crop of kindergartners.