• Deerlake Supply Lists


    Click HERE for a printable version of the list. 


    6th Grade Supplies:

    1 – 2” Binder in any color

    3 sets of 5 tab tabbed dividers 

    Colored pencils – 12 count

    2 Black Dry erase markers

     Highlighters (multiple colors preferred)

    2 Each Ink Pens – blue, black & red

    2 Packages (1 Dozen) #2 Pencils

    2 Packages 3x5 Index Cards

    Notebook paper

    6 Washable Glue sticks

    1 Pencil & Crayon Sharpener

    2 Composition Notebooks (Science/Language Arts)

    1 Graphing Composition Notebook (Math)



    7th Grade Supplies:

    Notebook Paper 

    #2 Pencils 

    Blue or Black Pens and Red pens


    Colored pencils 

    Index cards (several packs any size) 

    Graph paper 

    Tabbed dividers (quantity depends on individual teacher) 

    Spiral Notebook (Lang. Arts)

    TI -30XA Calculator  

    Binders/dividers will be necessary, but students may want to wait and decide on the type and quantity that best meets their needs once classes have begun.


    8th Grade Supplies:

    1-3 Ring Binder/Tabbed Dividers

    Wide Ruled Notebook Paper/Graph Paper

    Spiral Notebook (100 pages)

    Blue, Black and Red Pens/#2 Pencils


    Index Cards

    Colored pencils – 12 count

    Composition Notebook (Biology)

    TI-30XA Scientific Calculator


    Special Notes:

    Protractor & compass for students in Geometry

    Hard bound composition notebook for Fantasy Literature and Biology

    • Individual teachers and elective classes may require additional supplies.
    • Headphones/Earbuds for all grades
    • Optional- Wireless mouse if preferred.