I sent out new ZOOM links for the 3rd quarter today (1/15) to all returning DA students and parents.  Please check your emails.... the old link won't work on Wednesday.

    If you plan for your child to attend one of the Middle School Magnet Progams, please act soon to complete the application process for that/those program(s).  Each program has a unique application that can be obtained from that school's website or program chair.

    Please remember that 3rd Quarter starts on January 20th. So, Friday the 15th is the final day of 2nd quarter.  Monday the 18th we are off for Martin L. King Jr. Rememberance Day, and on the 19th there is a teacher work day. 

    Any students RETURNING to FACE-to-FACE School will need to return WITH the Chromebook that was signed out to them (and the charging cord).  This will continue to be used by the student IN CLASS.   


    My email….  If you have questions.   christianos@leonschools.net


    If ClassLink is down and you need to get into CANVAS, the following link should let you sign-in. You’ll need to enter your full email address and password.   https://leonschools.instructure.com/


    For technical questions please call the LCS Technical help desk   (850)487-7260   


    Please check out and share the information on this website regarding a Homework Hub organized by the LCS Public Library:  http://cms.leoncountyfl.gov/Library/Library-Services/Children-Services/Homework-Hub.


    - 20 minutes a day in I-Ready Math or Reading (rotate them) your goal is a 45mins. a week average for each-

    Every week, please visit Special Area courses.  You are expected to complete:

    -2 activities for PE

    -1 for Art -

    -There are also Music activities available for you to do.



    ****If you are missing worksheets from this quarter you are in luck...  ****

    ****Here is a list of them.  Just click on the one(s) you need.  ****

    Math:                                             Science:

    Worksheet 49/50                             CANVAS Lesson 05.01 worksheet "Energy for change and motion"

    Worksheet 61                                  Sum it Up and Braincheck Lesson 6-1

    Worksheet 107

    Worksheet 111

    CANVAS lesson 04.05 Worksheet


    Week of 01/11

    Monday- I will be out today.  We will not meet together...   Please complete these assignments.  Meet with Ms. Rice at her normal time.

         Math- Complete this Worksheet 121 Adding Fractions.    Watch this Khan Academy Video if you need help.

                                Do 20 minutes of I-Ready... NO EXCUSES!  Those STILL on the diagnostic do 30 minutes.

       Science-  Watch this BrainPop Video on Electric Circuits. (If the links does not work, go to BrainPop in your ClassLink account and type in "Electric Circuits" in the search bar.)

                         Then answer the questions on this worksheet.  Do not send it to me, save it in your science notebook.


    Tuesday- I will be out today.  We will not meet together...   Please complete these assignments.  Meet with Ms. Rice at her normal time.

         Math- Complete Worksheet 123 Subtracting Fractions.  Watch this Khan Academy video if you need further help.

                                Do 20 minutes of I-Ready... NO EXCUSES!  Those STILL on the diagnostic do 30 minutes.

         Science- Watch this BrainPop on Batteries.  (If the links does not work, go to BrainPop in your ClassLink account and type in "Electric Circuits" in the search bar.)

                             Then complete the questions on this Worksheet.  Do not send it to me, save it in your science notebook.


    Wednesday- We WILL be meeting at our normal times.

         Math-   Worksheet 129  Link to here

         Science-   Topic of Discussion Current Electricity.  Brain Pop Topic link here

    Thursday-  We WILL be meeting at our normal times.

         Math-  Worksheet 127 Making equivalent fractions Linkto it here

         Science-  Topic of Discussion Electricity.  Brain Pop Topic Link here

    Friday- We are meeting today.

         Math-  CANVAS Math Lesson 07.06  Fraction Model Masterpieces  Complete the lesson materials.

         Science-  N/A


    Old Work

    Week of 01/05

    Monday-  Last day of Christmas Break

    Math- n/a

    Science-  n/a

    Tuesday-  Finish I-READY Diagnostics

    Math- CANVAS Lesson 07.02- Discovering Denominators Complete lesson materials AND Quiz/assignment

    Science- CANVAS Lesson 07.03- Circus of Circuits  Complete the Lesson materials

    Wednesday- Finish I-Ready Diagnostics

    Math-   CANVAS Lesson 07.03- Pablo and Paxton's Fraction Addition Complete lesson materials AND Quiz/Assignment

    Science-   CANVAS Lesson 07.04- Electrical Charges Complete lesson materials AND Quiz/Assignment


    Math-  CANVAS Lesson 07.04- Practical and Fractional Complete lesson materials AND Quiz/Assignment

    Science-  CANVAS Lesson 07.05- Investigating Electricity Complete lesson materials


    Math-  CANVAS Lesson 07.05-  Finding what is common  Complete the lesson materials- send me the 5 problems from the worksheet on page 5.

    Science-  ED Learning  Lesson 6-4-  Complete the Digital lesson entitled "How do Electric Charges Interact?"


    Week of 12/14

    Monday-  MATH test Wednessday....   I-Ready Diagnostics

    Math-  CANVAS lesson 06.06   quiz/assignment

    Science-   CANVAS Lesson 07.01    quiz/assignment

    Tuesday- I-Ready Diagnostic

    Math- GO! Math Workbook page 113 (Click here)  from lesson 5-7.   Khan Academy link to this topic.

    Science- CANVAS lesson 07.02  "Let's get this train moving"  Lesson materials


    Math-  Math assessment in CANVAS 06.08

    Science-  ED Learning Lesson 7-2 "What is an Electric Circuit"  Please complete the digital lesson.


    Math- CANVAS  Lesson 07.01 "Paxton's Fraction Problems"  Complete lesson materials.

    Science- CANVAS Lesson 07.02 "Let's get this train moving"  Complete the lesson Quiz/assignment


    Math-  CANVAS Lesson 07.01 "Paxton's Fraction Problems"  Complete quiz/assignment

    Science-  ED-Learning Lesson 7-2 Read these Pages   "What are Electric Circuits, Conductors & Insulators?"


    Week of 12/07 

    Monday-  SCI test Thursday....   I-Ready Diagnostics

    Math-    CANVAS Lesson 06.02 "Making Ice Models"  Lesson Materials" 

    Science-   CANVAS Lesson 06.05 "Forces and Mass"  Lesson materials.

    Tuesday- I-Ready Diagnostic

    Math- CANVAS Lesson 06.03 "Dog Sled Division"  5 Problems on page 3.  Email them to me.

    Science- ED-Learning    Digital Lesson 8-3 "What are Balanced and Unbalanced Forces"

    Wednesday- I-Ready diagnostic

    Math-  GO!Math worksheet pag 107 problems 1-6 Click here

     Science- CANVAS Lesson 06.06 "Balancing the Forces"  Lesson Materials


    Math- GO!Math worksheet pag 107 problems 7-14   Click here

     Science- CANVAS Module 6 Assessment.


     Math-  GO!MAth Lesson 5.6  Worksheet 111 Found here    (Here's a couple of Khan Academy Links  1  &   2  for this topic)

     Science-  CANVAS  Lesson 07.01  "It's Electric"  Lesson Materials

    Week of 11/30

    Math-   CANVAS LESSON 4.04   Math Francisco   Do the Quiz/Assignment   Khan Academy Link....
    Science- ED Learning lesson 8.1  Do the digital lesson "What are Forces" 
    Tuesday- STAR testing     
    Math- CANVAS Module 04.09  Work through the lesson materials.  Do the problems on page 3 (including the word problems at the bottom) of the lesson on a piece of paper and hold it for tomorrow's class.     
    Science- CANVAS Lesson 06.03 "The Force of Friction" work through the lesson materials. Keep notes and answers for discussion tomorrow.  (IGNORE PAGE 7 BOWLING ACTIVITY)
    Wednesday-  STAR Testing     
    Math-  CANVAS LESSON 04.09  "Arranging for the Return Trip Home"   Complete the lesson quiz/assignment     
    Science- CANVAS Lesson 06.03  "Force of friction"  Complete the lesson quiz/assignment
    Thursday- STAR testing     
    Math- CANVAS Module Assessment...  04.11     
    Science- CANVAS Lesson 06.04  Forces and Motion - Review Lesson Material
    Friday- new ZOOM links coming out today for next Monday     
    Math- CANVAS Lesson 06.01  "What's the Decimal Point?"  Lesson materials       
    Science-  Continue studying CANVAS Lesson 06.04 "Forces and Motion" AND complete the Digital Lesson on ED-Learning for Unit 8 lesson 2 titled, "How do Forces Affect Motion?"

    Week of 11/23

    Monday-  Math-   Worksheet from pag 5 of CANVAS lesson 04.05  right here  

     Science-  CANVAS  lesson 06.01 "Forces that Move"  Lesson materials and Quiz/Assignment

    Tuesday-Math- CANVAS Lesson 04.04 "Math Francisco"  Do lesson material  (here's a Khan Academy link about this topic.)

    Science- CANVAS  lesson 06.02 "Falling to Earth"  Do the lesson material through page 8.

    Wednesday-  T.G. Holiday


    Week of 11/16

    Monday-  Math test tomorrow & Science test Friday.     
    Math-  CANVAS lesson 02.05  "Decimal Decisions"  BOTH Lesson materials and Assignment.     
    Science-  CANVAS Lesson 05.03  "Sound Energy"  Lesson Materials.
    Math- CANVAS Module Assessment 02.07     
    Science- CANVAS Lesson 05.04 "Electrical Energy"  Complete Lesson Materials.
    Wednesday- Busy day     
    Math-  CANVAS Lesson 04.02 "Compare For the Future"  Do BOTH the Lesson material and the Quiz/Assignment     
    Science- CANVAS  Lesson 05.05 "Chemical Energy"   Do BOTH the Lesson material and the Quiz/Assignment
    Math-  CANVAS Lesson 04.01 "The Great American Math Road Trip"  Complete lesson Material.     
    Science-  CANVAS Lesson 05.06 "Mechanical Energy"  Complete Lesson Materials.
    Math-   CANVAS lesson 04.01 "the Great American Math Road Trip" complete the Lesson Quiz/Assignment     
    Science-  CANVAS Module test  05.08
    Week of 11/9
    Math- Finish CANVAS Lesson 02.02 that we started in class and Complete this worksheet page 61.  Change #3,5 7 & 9 into subtraction problems.  Show a model.     
    Science-  Finish our reading from Unit 6 Lesson 1 and do the Sum it Up page as well as the 1st BrainCheck page  (Here)  (Because ED was down after 9AM all day, I am extending this assignment through tomorrow.  I will let you know about the issue tomorrow.)
     Math- CANVAS Lesson 02.03 "Estimating Scores"  Please work through the lesson materials.  (We will meet for small groups today to dive a little deeper into our math lesson. dive)     Science- Finish our reading from Unit 6 Lesson 1 and do the Sum it Up page as well as the 1st BrainCheck page  (Here)  (Because ED was down yesterday, we are holding this assignment over today.)
    Wednesday-      Math- N/A     Science- N/A
    Math-  Canvas Lesson 02.03 "Estimating Scores" .  Please complete the Lesson Quiz/Assignment.     
    Science-  Canvas Lesson 05.02 "Light and Heat Energy". Please complete the Lesson materials.
    Friday-  Big day today...     
    Math-   We will work through CANVAS lesson 02.04, "Adding Distances," together in big group.  You will review that AND complete the 02.04 Lesson quiz/assignment.     
    Science- You will complete the Lesson quiz/assignment for CANVAS Lesson 05.02, "Light and Heat Energy."
    Week of  11/2
     Math- N/A
     Science- CANVAS Lesson 05.01 "Energy for Motion and Change"  Do lesson materials (2days)
    Math- We'll be reviewing division of whole numbers today and tomorrow in preparation for a test on Friday.  YOur assignment is page 49 which is this worksheet.  Here is a link to Khan academy for another look at Psrtial quotients.... (i'll be using this during small group time). 
    Science- Complete the CANVAS lesson, 05.01-"Energy for Motion and Change" Complete the worksheet found on page 9 of the lesson titled, "Energy for Motion and Change", take a picture or scan of it and send it to me by email.
    Math-  We'll be reviewing division of whole numbers today in preparation for a test on Friday.  Your assignmt is pg 50 and is found right here.   Also,  here are 2 links to Khan accademy for another look at Estimating with Division. Link 1  & Link 2....     
    Science-  Science will be found in the ED Learning link on your ClassLink page.  Once in the site, look for the "assignments " tab... click on it and you'll see 2 options for your reading, the PDF version and the E-Book version.  Please read and study the information on pages 305-317.  This is unit 6 lesson 1 in ED.
    Math-  We have a math test today in CANVAS, item 05.09.   I will be available for questions through small group hour.     
    Science- n/a 
    Remember, logging into your ClassLink account is just like last year.
    Go to the Conley Website and click on the ClassLink button in the top Right of the page.
    login 1
    Then Click on the green login button
    step 2
    Then enter your Student Email as username and Lunch PIN as the Password.  (your email is your 9digitstudentID#  attached to @edu.leonschools.net)
    example:  171234567@edu.leonschools.net
    Once you're in, you'll see  all your ClassLink Icons.
    The 3 you'll be most interested in I have circled.  You may have to look around a bit
    to them, but once you do, click, ggrab and slide tem to the top row.
    log 3
    I will be sending a Zoom meeting invite for our class sessions to you later this week.  It will show up in your Outlook account.
    You can get into that by clicking on the 0ffice 365 icon, then clicking on the  Outlook Icon that will be on the left side of the screen.
    log 4
    Once you do that You'll see the Inbox on the left as well.
    log 5


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