Our next share night is Tonight, 1/23 at Maddios from 5-7 pm.  It is the Maddios located on Lafayette St.  Mr. Koerner is making the pizza! 


    Please note that March 1st is the deadline for school choise for next year.   This means if you want your child to attend a magnet program in a middle school outside of your zone YOU MUST have your request turned into the school/county by that date.  Many of the schools that have a magnet program have an application that will have to be filled out as well.   

    If you are looking at one of the magnet programs and wanted to have Junior go to a shadowing day to get a real feel for the school, you need to act NOW.  Slots are filling up and time is marching forward.  Many of the programs have double the number of applications compared to the number of open slots.  Do not assume that Junior is getting in because he is fabulous, get your application turned in.  Go to the Middle School's website or contact their program coordinator.

    Please don't wait till the last minute.  It takes a couple of days to fill out and forward the teacher side of many of the magnet applications.  I am good, but I am not DR. Who and cannot bend time to cover for you waiting till the last day.  


    Khan Academy link to Equivalent (simplifying) Fractions


    Please be aware during this new cold and flu season of what happens when you send your child to school sick.

    -The medication you gave him before he left will wear off in 4 hours and they will be feeling miserable, their fever will come back, their sinuses will re-erupt, their throat will begin to hurt again, their cough will be shared with everyone in the classroom....

    - the 23 kids in the room with them, escpecially the 3 or 4 kids sitting right next to them will share pencils, papers, pens, crayons and the flu and cold germs they are bringing in today....

    - The teacher in the room with severe asthma, the one who has to go to the ER every time a child shares an upper respiratory infection with them...... yeah, they have to get a substitute.

    If Junior is showing signs of the flu or a cold....  fever, aches, sore throat, a cough or troubled sinuses....  keep them home till they are better.  Email your teacher and they will send home work to allow Junior to stay current.  Most curriculum is online and easy to get to.




    Chapter 6 is on Adding and Subtracting Fractions with UNLIKE denominators.  This is the chapter that really REALLY brings home the importance of KNOWING multiplication facts and rules for divisiblity.  Students who do not know their basic facts.... knowing your facts means you don't have to think about them, you have them NOW and you have them forward and backward... tend to have a tough time with this chapter.  We'll have a chapter test on 1/28.

    In ThinkCentral, on the lesson page in the student edition, look for these icons on the top right of the page The graph Icon  They have extra resources for students to use on the lessons.


    Think like a scientist... work like a scientist

    Unit 3 is on Space Science.  Lesson 1 is about our Solar System and its structure.  Lesson 3 is on How the universe is set up in galaxies, the types of galaxies, and the types of stars that are found in the our galaxy.

    We'll work on this unit for the next 2- 3 weeks then switch to Unit 4 which has us studying about the Earth's weather, climate, eco/climate zones and the factors that affect a region's weather.  



    If the Moon were a Pixel



     2 great math sites that have REAL math at the core...

    https://gregtangmath.com/index    Check out the games "kakoomba" and  "Numtanga"


     Students can access both Think Central and ED ​ at school and at home now.  This is where they will find all their resources for math and science.  To get to it at home they need to go to the Conley student portal, near the top right corner of the page, look for where it says class link, and from there students log into their account using these credentials:

    Username- their171ID#@edu.leonschools.net
    Password- 5digitlunchPIN#

    Once they do that, they should gain access to their applications page.  Select think central and use the same login information if needed.  Over time the server will recognize your home workstation and streamline the login process. 

    When you look at your child's work and you see the letters SYW you may take pause and wonder, "what does 
    SYW mean?"  SYW is a classroom prompt I use to remind students the importance of   Showing Your Work.  For instance, when we are looking at our math work from the previous day, and I ask, "How did you do that (which I do almost every time)?" You'll be able to quickly recount HOW you worked through that problem.  If I ask, "Did anyone do this differently?"  You'll be able to describe your alternate solution strategy.
    The most important reason for 
    SYWing comes to light when you miss a question.  What did you do wrong?  Where did I make my error, because I set up the problem correctly?  How do I explain this issue to the teacher?  None of these can occur, if you don't know what you did EXACTLY.

    I remind the class every time we get a test or quiz back, that I can't see how to help you if you don't 
    SYW.  I can't give you partial credit on a question if I don't see that you had that problem set up correctly, or that you did the first 2 steps properly but made a mistake on the 3rd part.  I can give partial credit if you do do those things.

    SYW ... if you're not doing it, you're doing the math wrong.

    SYT... in science, it's Show Your Thinking.  With our focus on Claims/Evidence/Reasoning this year, I will be continually asking your children to EXPLAIN their thinking.  One word answers aren't enough to explain the thought process behind scientific claims.  Our focus for the first part of the year will be to learn the differences and connections between observations (the key to doing science), and claims.  Along the way we'll dig deep into putting voice to the thinking (reasoning) needed to move from observation to making claims that can be tested. 
      & SYT, Two vital skills
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