Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Little

Art making allows expression, self discovery, connection, problem solving and visual communication. I am proud to teach students at Chiles who are continuously improving, eager to try new media and techniques, and capable of integrating technology into their work processes.

After over 23 years in the classroom, I still seek new knowledge, value collaboration, and thrive on the ideas of my students being brought to life in visual media. I am National Board Certified in EAYA Art, involved in my arts community, a technology integration trainer, and an artist.

I graduated from FSU with a BS in Studio Art. I enjoy working with diverse media like watercolor, collage, mixed media on canvas, and exploring drawing and photo editing apps on the iPad and mobile phone. 

My teaching philosophy includes the expectation that all students need to be active learners, explore resources, find inspiration in everyday life, and invest in their work for constant improvement.

I believe in the power of visual communication and problem solving skills in preparing our students for college and career readiness.