• Distance Learning with Quaver Music


    Instructions for Signing in to Quaver


    • Sign in to Class Link.
    • Click on the Quaver Music tile.
    • You will see a question that asks, "Have you visited QuaverMusic.com before?"
    • Click on the green No button.


    • That's it!  You are now in your Quaver Class.
    • Click on Assignments.
    • Now you will see lessons on the right hand side of the screen.
    • Click on Lesson 1 and then click the green Launch button.
    • Now you are in Lesson 1.
    • A new lesson will appear each week.


    Helpful Hints For Assignments


    • On the bottom of every screen there is a button that says Instructions.  Click on this button to get instructions for that screen. 
    • If you want to go to the next screen, click the yellow arrow that says Next.
    • If you want to go to the last screen, click the yellow button that says Prev.
    • You can play a screen as many times as you like and you can move back and forth between screens.
    • At the end of every lesson there is a quiz.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you hit the Submit button after you have entered your answers.  ALSO IMPORTANT:  If you are unsure of an answer, you can leave the quiz and look for the answer in previous screens before you hit Submit.


    Last Notes


    • Please explore the Student Interactives Button.  You will find a number of games.  As a matter of fact, feel free to explore everything!
    • Finally, Have Fun! 




    Music Activities 


    Complete one activity a week for the next 8 weeks.  You can complete them in any order you choose.  When you have completed an activity, put a check next to the activity and have your parent write their initials next to it.  After you have completed all 8 activities, take a picture of this page and email it to me at critellis@leonschools.net 



    Practice singing so-mi with the hand signs.  Sing Hel-lo and ap-ple using the notes so-mi.  See how many two-syllable words you can think of to sing with so-mi. 

    Practice singing your favorite song.  Perform that song for someone.  Teach that song to someone. 

    Listen to a song and find the steady beat.  Show the steady beat by walking to the beat and clapping the beat.  Get someone to walk and clap with you. 

    Practice singing so-so-mi with the hand signs.  Sing Pret-ty Horse using the notes so-so-mi.  See how many three-syllable phrases you can create and sing to so-so-mi. 

    Sing a song loudly and then sing it softly.  Identify loud sounds and soft sounds around you. 

    Read your favorite short story.  Add sounds to that story.  Read it to someone and perform the sounds with the story. 

    Keep a steady beat by bouncing a ball.  See how many objects you can use to keep a steady beat. 

    Rabbits move at a fast tempo and turtles move at a slow tempo.  Sing a fast song.  Sing a slow song.  Make a list of things that move fast and slow.  See how many items you can think of to put on that list.  







    Music Activities 


    Complete one activity a week for the next 8 weeks.  You can complete them in any order you choose.  When you have completed an activity, put a check next to the activity and have your parent write their initials next to it.  After you have completed all 8 activities, take a picture of it and email it to me at critellis@leonschools.net. 




    Create an instrument out of everyday objects.  Explain to someone how it works.  Try playing the instrument to a favorite song. 

    Create a short body-percussion rhythm using pats, claps and stomps.  Teach the rhythm to someone else. 

    Interview someone in your family about their favorite song and why they like it.  Then share with them your favorite song and why you like it. 

    Choose a Folksong like Mary had a Little Lamb, or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, for example.  Create a new song by writing new lyrics for the song.  Make sure that the new lyrics express your feelings or your point of view.  Practice singing your new song. 

    Create a rhythmic ostinato (short repeated pattern) to accompany your favorite song.  Teach the ostinato to someone else and perform the ostinato together. 

    Watch a music video and write a review. 

    Create a rap and perform it for someone.  Then, teach it to someone.  

    Watch a movie.  Choose one scene from the movie and describe the background music in that scene.  Was it fast or slow, loud or soft?  What instruments did you hear?  Did you hear singing?  Was it a man, woman or a group?  Be as descriptive as possible. 



Last Modified on April 20, 2020