4th Grade

  • May 15th


    All assignmentst are due Friday, May 22nd


    May 8th 

    • Assignments for the week of May 11th have been posted and are due by Monday, May 18th.

    • Please check Focus for grades and missing assignments

    May 1st 


    April 24th 

    • Assignments for the week of April 27th have been posted and are due by Monday, May 4th. 

    • Please remember to let your child's Homeroom teacher know when Special Area assignments have been completed.


    April 17th 

    • Assignments for the week of April 20th have been posted and are due by Monday, April 27th. 


    April 13th 

    • Assignments for the week of April 13th have been posted and are due by Monday, April 20th. 


    April 6th 

    • Learn at home packets for week 1 and week 2 are due Monday, April 13th. Please scan and email documents or drop off at school on or before Monday, April 13th at 3pm. 

List Serv

  • May 27th 

    Keep Calm


    We still have several bags of student materials that have not been picked up. We have decided to leave these outside the front office for the remainder of the week. The items will be left out after hours for your convenience. Any items not picked up by Friday will be donated to charity. If you are unable to come this week, please call The front office and we will put your child’s bag aside.


    May 13th

    Good morning Buck Lake Community,

    I am pleased to announce that we are making strides to re-open our campus.  Beginning next week, our office staff will be reporting to campus.  If you have any questions or needs, please call our regular phone number (850)488-6133 beginning Monday.  Our office lobby will still be closed to the public.  Visitors will be permitted by appointment only, so please call or email if you need to drop off or pick up items from the office.  If you need to drop off Media Center books, we will have bins available outside the front office.

    Our carpet instillation for the entire campus will begin next week.  This will be a great upgrade for our school when we resume with our students. 

    We are planning student materials pick-up for next week.  Please refer to the schedule that is attached.  If you are unable to make it during your assigned time, materials will be set outside the front office for pick-up on Friday.  If you need assistance, please contact the front office.

    I know that the past weeks have been hard on our families.  We are so close to closing out the school year.  Thank you for helping us end on a strong, positive note.  You are all doing an amazing job!

    If you have any questions or we can help in any way, please let us know.

    All the best,

    Billy Millard 



    May 7th 

    Good afternoon,
    At this time, all Leon County schools have been directed to cancel summer camp programs. Given the requirements for reopening under the phased plan set out by Governor Ron DeSantis, district leadership does not believe we will be able to hold summer camps at this time.  If anything should change, we will communicate at soon as we are given clearance.
    I know that this will impact our families and will create a burden. For that I am truly sorry. A member of the EDEP staff will be contacting families who registered for the camp in regards to credits and refunds.
    I hope you and your family stay healthy and safe and I am hopeful that continuing to take precautions will put us on a path to a normal school opening in August.
    Billy Millard


    April 27th 

    From Ms. Young

    Please find the new SSYRA and SSYRA Jr. list for the 2020-2021 SY attached with the A.R. levels for each book listed.
    Keep Reading, Bobcats!
    Ms. Young and Mrs. DiLiello
    Here's a SSYRA Jr. Sneak Peek!

    SSYRA Sneak Peek!
    View FAME's signature book program, SSYRA 3-5 2020-2021 Title Reveal

    April 15th 

    From Mrs. Mullinax

    Terrific Kids, virtual version 2.0, will be coming back and airing each week on WBLS! If you would like to nominate your child, please send me an e-mail with a few details on what they did to earn this recognition and I will include them in the Terrific Kid video shout-out for that week. Please send your nominations each Monday to  
    We're looking forward to continuing the tradition of recognizing our Terrific Bobcats!


    April 8th 


    Good afternoon Bobcats, 

    First and foremost, I want you to know that I think about our students every day.  I truly miss seeing those smiling faces and greeting our students with a hug each morning.  I hope you families are well and that you have begun settling into a routine as we continue our distance learning.  I know that it has taken us some time to adjust to our new normal at the Millard house!


    I wanted to provide you with some updates regarding Academic Packets.  After receiving information regarding the continued spread of COVID-19 throughout our community, Leon County Schools has made the decision to stop academic packet distribution and return at the school sites.  The last day to pick up materials and return completed materials will be Monday, April 13th at 3 p.m.  No hard copy packets will be distributed or accepted at the school after this date.  In planning with our teachers, we have discussed using resources that are technology friendly for the remainder of the school year.  I have asked them to look at resources that are equally accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  You don’t have to expect large packets like we’ve had the last two weeks.  I am asking a favor of our families.  Please give the technology a try.  I completely understand that many of our families have multiple people working from home and trying to complete school work from home with limited access to technology.  I have been living this reality with you for the last 2 weeks.  Please, please, please just try it for a week.  If it is absolutely necessary to have a hard copy of work, please let your child’s teacher know and we will make arrangements to mail you academic materials.  Please understand that this may mean a delay in receiving the materials and the materials being entered into the gradebook.  I truly appreciate your understanding on this point.


    We have gone from having a skeleton crew on campus to having no crew on campus.  If you need to reach someone from the school, please call (850)879-7894.  This phone will be answered Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. 


    We are living in extraordinary times.  There are so many questions unanswered and in so many respects, parts of our lives are on hold as other parts continue.  Please know that we are partners in getting through the next two months.  If there is anything that we can do to assist your family, please let us know.  


    Stay safe and hug your Bobcats for all of us, 


    Billy Millard


    Buck Lake Elementary


COVID-19 Updates