• Chiles MAO Tutoring

    For free tutoring by appointment, contact the Chies Mu Alpha Theta club and schedule a time. Be sure to include useful information such as your name, the math class you are enrolled in, and what you are struggling with (inequalities, fractions, etc.).



    Khan Academy is an incredible resource for learning not just math, but many other subjects as well. With guided lessons, assignments, and helpful video tutorials, this is a one-stop shop for all your math learning needs.


    Wolfram Alpha

    Wolfram Alpha is like math google. Type in a problem and watch it work! Simplify fractions, graph tricky equations, you name it you got it. Has a premium feature that shows all the steps too.



    Desmos is a wonderful resource for graphing functions. Helpful tutorials on how to use the software allow you to use desmos as a free graphing calculator.



    Surprisingly, youtube and google can turn up a plethora of resources that I haven't mentioned above. In general, most of the websites about math you'll find have great content. Some sites I like are Paul's Online Math Notes, SparkNotes, and anything with a .edu extension.