Top Question: How is my Child Scored in Citizenship?

Top Question: How is my Child Scored in Citizenship?

At Augusta Raa Middle School, we place a high value on integrity, responsibility and self-discipline, and
encourage student development in these aspects of middle school citizenship. As part of the grade reports,
each student is assessed for citizenship in each class according to the rubric below. Additionally, all students start the school year with a 3 in citizenship and must earn a 4 (Exemplary) in each class.

You will see the following numbers in PinPoint to show you how your child is doing daily behavior wise.

4 = exemplary: student is a leader; active in class; volunteers to assist; very self-disciplined; high level accountability; stays on task without monitoring;

3 = Meets expectations: occasionally takes the lead; consistently takes part in class activities; generally meets classroom standards; always helpful

2 = Inconsistently meets expectations/standards: stays on task sometimes; practices self discipline sometimes; helpful sometimes

1=Rarely meets expectations/standards: speaks out inappropriately; seldom active in class; distracting; often off task; difficulty adhering to rules