• Welcome to Spanish

    Welcome to Spanish.

    Whether you are taking Spanish to communicate with others in Spanish, know what they are saying about you, to go a 4-year university, qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship, improve your chances of getting a job, or your parents made you, your choice to take Spanish will open the door to a myriad of opportunities that you may not have thought of. Over 400 million people worldwide are Spanish-speakers, with over 33 million in the United States. The ability to communicate in Spanish not only gives you the opportunity to travel to new countries, it opens a global job market, and it enables you to communicate with people nationally as well as globally. 

     Together, we will learn through Comprehensible Input to become more comfortable in your Spanish learning journey and build your confidence as you SPEAK, READ, and WRITE in Spanish! We will build stories together to create a sense of community and increase engagement while learning about the Spanish culture throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

    Learning a language is a full-time “job”. In order to be successful, students need to PRACTICE the language day-in and day-out, review the new and old material and put it in practice in every aspect of their daily life. If students don’t use the language on a regular basis, they will lose it.

    You can help your students in a variety of ways – even if you do not speak the language yourself! Use flashcards, quiz them by reviewing vocabulary lists, have them reenact the classroom stories, sing the songs, practice the signs learned for key vocabulary, and, most importantly, reminding them to practice every day, so that there is constant reinforcement from everyone that language has to be used consistently.