• Raa Middle Band School provides outstanding musical experience for grades 6 through 8. The RMS program offers three bands: Beginning Band, Concert (Blue) Band, and Symphonic (Gold) Band. Students in the program also participate in the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA) All-State Band, All-District Band, District Solo & Ensemble Assessment, Music Performance Assessment (MPA), and community engagement programs. 

    The success of our programs comes from the dedicated effort of our students, parents, school administration, school district, local colleges/universities, and community members. 

    Being a member of the Raa Middle School Bands is a special privilege. Success in performing arts requires many hours of diligent work, practice, repetition, failure, reevaluation, discussion with teachers and peers, rehearsal, and performance. Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate solid persistence toward musical excellence and dedication. 

    ​WE ARE A TEAM. Showing respect for people and property, kindness, cooperation, good and honest intentions, punctuality and preparation, a positive attitude, integrity, intellectual curiosity, and trust are all critical attributes expected of band students. Make your voice and music heard in our program.