• WE WILL PRACTICE Monday 11/27-Mrs. Alford will not be at school, but practice is still on.
      Please plan to attend a QUICK meeting
      FRIDAY 10/20
      at 5:30 on the Raa Soccer Field
      **this meeting will be for those that make the team and their parents
      **The final roster will be announced on THURSDAY at the end of try-outs and posted on this website
      **FRIDAY is the first day of practice
      MONDAY 10/23 is the first game!
      Congrats to the 2017 Boys Soccer Team!
      Hernandez,Alejandro 6
      Nix,Andrew 6
      Shumate,Donovan 6
      Thrash,Skyler 6
      Abdelkader,Zeyad 7
      Black,William 7
      Moore,William 7
      Rico-Lopez,Brian 7
      Sandell,Zachary 7
      Sanford,Kyan 7
      Stephens,Angelo 7
      Triplett, Isaac 7
      David,John 8
      FygatakisGollop,James 8
      Gardner,Kiyle 8
      Gevawer-Mejia,Otto 8
      Gonzalez,Richard 8
      Hernandez,Michael 8
      Long,John 8
      Rosales,Nafry 8
      Anokhin-Rose, Alex 8

      -Students must have an updated/current Physical to try out
      -Students must have an Activity form on file in the Front Office
      -Students must have a 2.0 GPA
      -Students will need to attend EVERYDAY of try-outs, unless they are cut.
      Please wear athletic clothing, cleats, and shin guards to try-outs.
      Please bring a size 5 ball if you have one!
      Wear a white or yellow shirt (bring an extra of each).
      Head Coach Stacy Alford:    alfords@leonschools.net 

Athletic Forms

Last Modified on November 17, 2017