Welcome to the 2020_2021 School Year! I am so happy to See YOU!

  • This year has brought about many changes in our lives, one of the biggest is how we interact with one another, school is no different. This year, we will conduct all classroom activities through the use of CANVAS (students access through Classlink). This allows both Brick-and-Mortar students to learn synchronously with Digital Academy students. Both classes take place at exactly the same time of day, like a regular class period. The DA students, once online in CANVAS, access the class using the ZOOM application. The teacher they interact with is in the classroom WITH his/her Brick-and-Mortar students, conducting the lesson. All students, BM or DA ask questions and are provided feedback in real-time. 

    This is all put into place with the knowledge that all students are delivered the same information, at the same time. DA students are a part of the class, they interact the same, and are held to the same standards as BM students. 

    We work hard to ensure that all students are applying lessons taught in the classroom with the curriculum designed to ensure learning gains are met throughout the year. While Brick and Mortar students have the luxury of having an in-class guide to "push" them along, DA must rely on inner self-motivation to stay at the computer, doing the work, as it happens. This is a challenge, but we know that our GODBY students will always rise to the task. 

    I know that regardless of what the year brings, we will all flourish and come through this stronger.

Taking Pride in What We Do; Alumni.

  • I am extremely proud of my Godby family. Through my high school years, I walked the halls of GHS and enjoyed many of the wonderful amenities the school has to offer. There have been quite a few changes to the overall look of the school since I was a student, but the feeling of love and belonging is still very much alive. I could not think of a better way to honor my teachers and the students of Godby High, than to return to the school and share with the new generation, that very same joy of learning and love that was given to me when I was a student here at Godby High School.

    Cougar Pride