Ms. Wilder

  • Contact Information

    Room Number: 610


    Phone Number: (850) 617-4700 ext. 2610 


    • The first day of school is Monday, August 13th.
    • Bring your 1" binder by Friday, August 17th. If you are unable to get a binder, talk to Ms. Wilder BEFORE Thursday to make arrangements.


    Algebra II Reminders

    • Bring your binder and warm-up tracker to class EVERY period.
    • If you lose your warm-up tracker, you must print out a new one (see File Library) and will not receive points for the stamps you already received that week.
    • Your binder should be set-up in the following order:
      1. Class Syllabus
      2. Warm-Up's and Warm-Up Tracker
      3. Unit 1: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities, including:
        • Unit 1 guided notes
        • Unit 1 assignments
        • Unit 1 quizzes and tests
      4. Unit 2: Function, Equations, and Graphs
      5. Unit 3: Quadratic Functions and Equations
      6. Place each subsequent unit behind its predecessor.
    • Notes checks are random and unannounced; be sure to bring all of your notes, warm-ups, and handouts with you everyday. 
    • You must keep a copy of the syllabus in your binder; if you have lost your copy, print out a new one (see File Library).
    • REGARDING CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: If you do not show your work, you will NOT receive full credit on your assignments. Do not simply write down answers. 


  • Note:

    Remember that it is your responsibility to make-up any warm-ups, notes, and assignments you may have missed when absent. Copies of class PowerPoints can be accessed in the File Library and in the make-up binder. To receive credit for any missed warm-ups, you must come during the posted tutoring hours to complete the problems and show them to Ms. Wilder.

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Last Modified on July 2, 2018