Reading for Your Future

  • Reading is one of the few activities that guarantees you higher monetary earning in the future.  It sounds crazy but the more you consume in the way of knowledge the more you have to share with the world. An article released by Electric Lit shares a copy of the study. Just by clicking here, you can read the outcome of this report. Not only that, but Electric Lit also has a lot of great stuff to read.

    Not every student is amazing in every subject, so for those who need additional support in reading or help in passing the FSA Reading or Writing, Intensive Reading class is an excellent resource option for those students.  We work on skills that support phonemic awareness as well as grade level academic vocabulary. Practice makes perfect and reading is no different.  Spending 30 minutes each day reading can improve your reading comprehension, memory, and it actually helps you live longer! Google it!

    What you read is just as important as how much you read. If you think that by reading Instagram posts you are making your quota, sorry, it doesn't work like that.  Numerous studies have shown the numerous benefits of reading, you just need to read them to find out what you gain from grabbing a book and jumping in with both feet.


    Feel free to read up on the benefits of Reading.

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  • Leon County Schools is currently ONLINE.  Due to COVID-19, Godby High School will begin this year off with a completely new structure of the way we learn. ALL learning, the Hybrid Model (students home, learning from Godby teachers they know) and the Brick and Mortar Model (students are activilty at school) students will use the CANVAS platform within classlink. Zoom meetings, engaging lessons, teachers they know and love, class rigor, and has it all. We are all in this together and no one wants and values the safetly of our students, than we do!!


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