• Health & Safety Procedures

    Parents: We  MUST work TOGETHER to ensure that our children are safe while on campus.  Please review the procedures/expectations with your child at home and encourage compliance.   

    Masks- If you have not opted out, students are encouraged to wear a mask while indoors. Please send an extra mask in your child's backpack.  We have a few extra masks in the classroom that the students can utilize if their mask breaks or becomes dirty while on campus.


    Mask Breaks- Students will be given a chance to have mask breaks throughout the day. Recess and lunch are also mask-free times. 


    Hand Washing/Sanitizing- We have several sinks in the classroom and one in each restroom.  We will utilize proper hand-washing techniques throughout the day. We also have sanitizer that will be used to help keep our hands germ-free. The desks and common touchpoints (sinks, counters, desk tops,  and door handles) are sanitized between classes. 


    Physical/Social Distancing- At this time the students are at least 3 feet apart while seated at their desks.  We will limit movement in the class in order to minimize contact.