• Biology I Honors

    February 20 - The assessment scheduled for Friday, February 21 will be rescheduled for Wednesday, February 26, 2020. The content topics the assessment will cover will be from Chapters 9 and 10 are listed.

    Chapter 9

    1. chemical energy and ATP (storing energy, releasing energy, how cells use ATP)

    2. heterotrophs and autotrophs

    3. chlorophyll and chloroplasts (light, pigments, chloroplasts, energy collection)

    4. An overview of photosynthesis (light dependent reactions, light independent reactions)

    5. factors affecting photosynthesis (temperature, light, and water)


    Chapter 10

    1. overview of cellular respiration (stages of of cellular respiration, oxygen and energy)

    2. comparing photosythesis and cellular respiration


    Utlilize the following tools to assist with your studying: notes, textbook, returned assignment, and study guide book.

    As you read from your textbook, make sure you reference the illustrations, figures, diagrams, etc. mentioned in the text.


    March 6, 2020 


    Chapter 11 Lesson 1 - Cell Division and Reproduction

                     Lesson 2 - The Cell Cycle and Mitosis

                     Lesson 3 - Regulating the Cell Cycle

    Chapter 12 Lesson 1 - The Work of Gregor Mendel

                     Lesson 2 - Applying Mendel's Principle

                     Lesson 3 - Other Patterns of Inheritance

                     Lesson 4 - Meiosis


    March 12, 2020

    The content for the scheduled assessment on Friday, March 13, 2020 has been modified. The assessment content is as follows:

    Chapter 11 Lesson 1 Cell Growth, Division and Reproduction (Cell Division and Reproduction, The Process of Cell Division, Apoptosis, Cancer:        Uncontrolled Cell Growth)

                     Lesson 2 The Cell Cycle and Mitosis

                     Lesson 3 Regulating the Cell Cycle

    Chapter 12 Lesson 1 The Work of Gregaor Mendel (Mendel's Experiment, Segregation)

                     Lesson 2 Appyling Mendel's Principle (Probability and Heredity)


    Study your notes also!!


    March 28, 2020


    Method of Consideration for March 13th Assessment

    Please go to the Parent Portal and observe the note recorded for the Genetics  Assessment administered March 13th. 
    The documented note refers to specific questions (#21 and #34) included on the assessment related to content not covered during instruction delivery. It was decided, if the students answered the question(s), points were added to the overall grade to reflect a BONUS. 
    If students answered correctly one of the questions, 3 points were added or both questions, 6 points were added. 
    Those questions were not calculated in the overall number of questions graded. 
    The note associated with the grade indicates the specific question(s) answered correctly. 
    Daphne Hill
    Biology I Honors
    Science Department Chairperson
    Raa Middle School