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    • All players report to the gym Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 4:00pm
    • Parent meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday at 6:00pm
    • Please join the Lady Rams Volleyball Team Remind Group for team updates and announcements *see information slip that will be sent home on Tuesday                                                                                                           






    Monday - Friday 4-6:00pm *except on 9/3/21

    Practices are mandatory. Knee pads and non-street shoes are required to practice.

    *If a player needs to miss a practice, you must contact Coach Cain ASAP. Athletes that miss practice without proper notice or excuse will not start in the next match and will not be guaranteed to play. 


    Home Games: Players will stay after school. Meet in the gym by 4pm. Dress out. Eat. Setup and practice. 

    Away Games: Players are to be driven to the school and must arrive ready to warmup by 5pm.

    Need to wear for the game: Black spandex shorts, mid-calf white socks, RAA jersey, knee pads, and non-street gym shoes. 

    *If a player is late for a game, they may not start the game, and are not guaranteed to play* 


    A sign-up list will be distributed for parents to volunteer for the following: to provide dinner for the team for home games, snacks/drinks for away games, and for line judges and scorekeepers for home games. 


    Grades and Citizenship: You are expected to have at LEAST a 2.0 gpa at the last grading period. If a player receives a referral that results in an Opportunity For Improvement (OFI), they cannot play or practice on the day of the referral and for the duration of that referral's consequences. If a student receives a referral that results in an Out of School Suspension(OSS) during the season, they will be cut from the team immediately. 

    Getting Picked Up From Practice: Practice ends at 6pm, Monday through Friday. Players are required to be picked up at the designated time. Please keep me aware of what is happening if you have an emergency or are running late.

    Respect: You are now part of a TEAM. You are expected to RESPECT ONE ANOTHER and help each other learn and play the game of volleyball! Captains will help enforce this. 

    Attendance: You are expected to be at EVERY practice. If a practice is cancelled, there will be an announcement at school and a message will be sent to the parent. 

    Playing Time: Middle school volleyball is a competitive sport that requires try-outs. Students are not guaranteed to play in every game for the same amount of time. The coach will decide who gets to play based on skill level, hard work, fitness, and attitude. 

    Website: Please check the website for game information and other information you may need this season. You can access this website by going to RAA school website / Athletics page / Volleyball. 



    Coach Cain

    E-mail: caine@leonschools.net








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