• This course is to prepare students so they are ready for college mathematics.  Some students choose to take this so their math skills don't get rusty during senior year and others simply need some additional instruction so they can be successful in college level math.  

    This course is a blended class with both traditional and online components.  The traditional part includes notes, tutoring, worksheets, and reviews.  The online component consists of lessons presented by powerpoint and assessments.

    Students may work faster than the class but not slower.  Students are required to take notes on each module and to show work for all practice and assessment problems.

  • It's okay to not know, but its not okay to not try!

    Help is available

    after school in GIRC 2:15-3:30 Monday-Wednesday
    after school through the 21st Century Program 
    at lunch by appointment 
Last Modified on August 21, 2017