Information for distance learning!! We're all in this together.

  • Supplies 2.0

    it seems like this has changed, but only a little.  Important changes are highlighted in different colors. 


    • The easiest way to complete course work for at least for the next three weeks is ONLINE, so a computer or smart phone will be needed
      • There are options for non computer based work but you will still need to download the work and turn it in by uploading a pdf of your work to Focus.
    • You will need to have PEN and paper.  Pencil is too hard to read on uploaded documents. 
    • It is still a good idea to have a binder to keep organized.
    • You will also need materials that can be downloaded from Focus to complete some assignments. 
    • Be sure you can access our class Edmodo page.  With Focus we may not use Edmodo much but for now that is what I am most comfortable with and I am not ready to give it up just yet!!
Turn work in on time
  • Geometry assignments can be downloaded from Focus.  Edmodo will also have a document with links to you tube videos to help with the worksheets that you download.