• Dear Students and Parents,

    Hello and welcome to an exciting new year at Woodville Elementary! I look forward to working with your child this year.. My primary goal is to enhance and enrich the curriculum, thereby preparing your child to meet the academic promotion requirements for fifth grade and being prepared to transition to middle school.
    You can make a difference by helping your child set up a schedule and a quiet work place where they can complete their homework.  I encourage you to help your students learn to be organized by cleaning out your child's backpack weekly and organizing their work. In addition, it is important to meet with your student's teachers to ensure everyone is on the same page and we are working to the best of our knowledge to ensure your child succeeds. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via phone, email or on Remind. Together we can provide a positive and successful school year for your child.


    Mrs. Auter