• Healthy Lifestyle Welcome to Woodville Elementary Physical Education class. 

               "Where Physical Education is the only subject that makes your heart race!"  


    What are we doing in P.E today, you ask?

    This is what we do in P.E....

    dodging                            baseball/softball                          healthy eating

     chasing                                   football                                  aerobic/fitness

                   throwing                                 skating                                        running

                   catching                                  tennis                                          walking

                   leaping                                basketball                                       bicycling

                   galloping                               volleyball                                      dancing

                   jumping                                 frisbee                                     active gaming




    P.E. Activities - This is the page where you will find the weekly schedule of instruction and activities.  The weekly schedule will include the learning goal and assignments for the week, links to the activities/assignments (make sure you click on the link to access the activities - this will be underlined and highlighted), my contact information, student shout-outs / P.E. Student of the Month, my office hours along with additional information.  


    Assignment This page will hold all assignments that you will need to download to complete and turn in by the due date (via Microsoft Teams).  It will also provide you with the assigned date and due date of the assignment. You can also access your assignments from the attached link located on the weekly schedule (See P.E Activities).  


    Student Resources - This is a very important resource to complete all the assignments.  I will make sure I keep this page updated with fitness and health information, videos, and articles. 


    Important DocumentsThis page will compile important information that I receive from the district, school or any other resource that may be helpful to you as we journey through our new virtual world of physical education.  


    Remind info. This is where you will find your remind information.  Remind is a communication tool that I will use to contact you to check-in, inform you about assignments/activity postings, or if you need to contact me with any questions or concerns.  

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