•  Mrs. Henderson's Class
    Wow, we have had a very interesting few weeks! While we may not be going back to our traditional classrooms at this time, my goal is for all of us to get the information we need to be successful!
    • The Announcements page is where I will update weekly with a summary of what is happening in class.  The weekly summary will include our learning goal, assignments for the week, student shout-outs and my office hours. 
    • Our class Teams site is our "one stop shop" for communication, getting and turning in assignments, discussion / instruction, help sessions / resources, and office hours.  Students should check their class Teams site daily.   Essentially our Teams site is our virtual classroom.  I will have assignment information on Teams for you starting April 13th.  
    • Each student has an email account. This email account can be used to turn in assignments or ask questions (this is secondary to Teams). 
    • Please go to the Important Documents page and find your corresponding class to get Remind information. Using Remind will give you access to upcoming information and is another communication tool.  Please sign up for Remind as soon as possible.   
    • It is critical that you and your child communicate with me and the school if you have any questions. 
    Having taught middle school before, I know that it can be a very difficult time of life, for the student and their family. This is a learning curve for all of us. Together, we will get through this and we will learn what we need to be academically successful.