• Welcome to what promises to be aexciting school year. First and foremost, regardless of outside circumstances, your education is important to me: I will take every effort to make sure that you, the student, are the priority. This class represents both the continuation of your education in Algebra as well as a step toward higher-level critical thinking and problem solving. Much of what we will do in Algebra 2 is an extension of an Algebra 1 concept, so there will be many chances for review.


    ∙Respect –Respect your classmates, yourselves, the teacher, and the classroom.

    ∙Phone Usage –Only permitted the last 5 minutes of class.

    ∙Snacks/Drinks are allowed, but you must clean up after yourself. This is a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked.

    ∙Use class time as directed.

    ∙Raise your hand to be recognized. Please do not speak out of turn.


    ∙Note-taking materials, e.g. pencil/paper, notebook/binder, tablet with writing capabilities.

    ∙Internet Connected Device –Most assignments will be submitted online through Canvas. You will need to be able to access Canvas freely

    ∙A scientific calculator like a TI-30XII-S is optional. Your computer’s built in calculator has a “scientific” mode.

    GRADES70% of your grade is Assessments (Quiz/Test) 30% of your grade is homework/classwork

    ASSIGNMENTSYou will have work assigned to you through the Canvas platform. You will complete and submit online, showing work where necessary. If an assignment asks you to upload your work, you are required to submit a PDF: No other file extensions will be accepted. There are many ways to convert a picture you’ve taken on your phone to a PDF, including PDFCandy, CloudConvert, and CamScanner.

    Quizzes/Testwill be submitted on paper in class, not on canvas.