• 03/26/202004/15/2020

    Happy Spring!


    Hope this email finds you and your family healthy and doing well.  At this point in our extended Spring Break you may be wondering what you can do to support your child during these additional days at home.  Per our district’s website, Distance Learning Work Packets will be available on Monday, March 30, 2020.  Below, I am including some site links you can use to ensure your child continues to work towards mastering the skills that will ensure they are ready for first grade!



     Choose your child’s name and click on their password that was included on their login card) Unit 8 week 1 is where you should start: games, big books, leveled readers, phonics and sight word activities will pop up. If you don't know the password, please email me to let me know.




     This computer based program is used in the classroom to build fluency in addition and can be accessed from home.  After entering the site, use the drop down login box to choose Student Login, type in kwashington11, have your child choose their name and use their student number (which some have memorized, but if you need assistance, feel free to email me) for the password.




     This resource is used for some of our Social Studies and Science lessons.  The Weekly Reader issues that you have seen your child take home are available digitally online in addition to a video and online game to connects to each issue.  I have set up an account so that you have access at home.  When you go to the site, click the login button (located at the upper right hand corner), in the box that pops up choose I am a Student and our classroom password is (wash1819).  Once logged in, you will be shown the April 2020 issues but scrolling further down will give you the option to choose between February and March 2020 issues.  There is also a keyword box you can use to type in a topic and gain access to issues from previous months.  Some topic can also be extended using brainpopjr.com (if you access it from the Student Technology section on Apalachee’s school site, no username or password is needed).



    GoNoodle  https://www.gonoodle.com/for-families/

    We use the classroom version in class for brain breaks and when the weather prevents us from going outside.  You can set-up an account for free access to movement videos.




    Letters & Sounds https://youtu.be/VgDmGu7Pur8





    Months https://youtu.be/RBD5s-wuXyI





    Days   https://youtu.be/NscOFmaWSz0





    Counting  There are different options on youtube.com for addition, subtraction, counting songs   Before we left, their favorite skip counting song was https://youtu.be/dSdjzFl9H6k


    abcya.com & arcademics.com are still good resources for online academic games.  Pbskids.com is also another great resource during this extended break to support your child academically at home.


    Continued practice should be made with sight words, reading comprehension skills and independent sentence writing during this time.  If you have any additional questions, please email me and I will provide as much assistance as I can with the resources I have available to me.  If your child wants to send a message, I look forward to reading those as well (giving them practice using their sound and sight word knowledge to write).  Tell them I look forward to hearing all about what they did and learned during their extended time off from school.


    Stay well!