• PLATO: Appropriate Use


    Credit retrieval/repair through the PLATO system is based upon a student’s comprehension of standards through tutorials, activities, mastery tests, and unit post-tests. The standards are scaffolded to ensure that all students are learning the material in order to build the skills to be successful in the subsequent lesson. Pre-tests assess what standards students are already knowledgeable on so that they may not have to be assessed on those standards in later lessons.


    For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that all students use the PLATO program with fidelity and honesty. The following rules must be adhered to in order to receive credit from Chiles High School in any subject:


    1. Pre-Tests, Mastery Tests, and Post-Tests must be taken on campus under the direct supervision of a PLATO 7th period instructor.
    2. Students must take notes on activities and tutorials in order to comprehend the material.
    3. Students are not allowed, in any circumstance, to use the internet in order to look up specific questions or answers on tests.
    4. Should a student need additional help/practice, they are to ask a PLATO 7th period instructor.
    5. The following sites/helpful tools are permissible to use while on the PLATO program:
      1. Khan Academy
      2. Calculator


    Should any student be caught cheating on PLATO, the following disciplinary actions will occur:


    1. The program will be closed out and a warning message will be sent to the student.
    2. The lesson/tutorial that the student used a cheat on will be marked as ‘0’
    3. Teacher/student conference and parent phone call
    4. Academic referral to the front office.
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