• American Government is a required course to graduate from any high school in the State of Florida. It is a ½ credit course so students only have it for ½ the year. Students will be taught the basic foundation for the American system of government, the structure and role of the federal government, the structure and role of state & local governments and how the political process works. Each student is assigned a textbook in order to assist in “getting through” the large amount of material in 90 days.  Students also work on their writing and thinking skills with a weekly current event activity.

Gov Documents

Visitation Activity

  • Earn points by attending a government meeting.
    • Maximum of three visits can be made - 15 points each
    • Each visit must be to a different entity.
    • You can only use the City, County & School Board.
    You earn the points by;
    • Turning in the documentation the day after attending the meeting.
    • Turning in ONLY a single sheet of paper with NO attachments.
    • Having a signature of a government official on the paper.
      • Make sure if the signature is not readable that you print the name.
      • Make sure if the person is not a member of the board to identify their position.
    • Summarize what happened at the meeting.
    • Give your opinion of HOW the meeting went.
      • Include a comparison to the other visits on your 2nd and 3rd visit.