• Who Am I?
    I am a Florida State University graduate.
    I taught Social Studies at Godby from 1985-2012.
    Since 2012 I have been the full-time network administrator/tech support person.
  • My Teaching Philosophy
    • I believe the student is responsible for learning.
    • I believe each student is capable of thinking critically and I strive to enhance that trait in each student.
    • My first responsibility is to create an environment conducive to learning through an organized system of lessons and rules applied fairly and consistently.
    • I am here to provide direction, give guidance and explanations. 
    • I believe that I have a responsibility to make the course relevant to the student's lives. 
  • Come to the edge.
    We might fall.
    Come to the edge.
    It's too high!
    And they came.
    And he pushed.
    And they flew.
    -Christopher Logue
  • Student Comments

    Posted by: Mr. Lubitz

    An open forum for my former students to say hi.

    Note- I had to move the original postings when my web site had to be rebuilt on a new platform.

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