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    1856 - Established as the first public school in Leon County and was called Hickory Grove Academy
    1899 - The second building was created, consisting of two rooms located near the Methodist Church. The building was created by J.E. Whitehead on land purchased from J.L. Robinson. This building was used as a school from 1899-1907, at which time it was converted into a residence.
    1907 - The First Woodville School building was completed. Construction began in 1906 and the building was completed and accepted by the Board of Public Instruction on February 12, 1907.
    1941 - On the current site of Woodville Elementary, the fourth building was constructed and occupied in April 1941. The building was built by local residents who were in need of work as a result of the Great depression. Children would take part by bringing lunches to the site. This building consisted of seven classrooms, an auditorium, lunchroom, office, library and for the first time had indoor plumbing.
    1956 - May 5, 1956 Woodville's Centennial Celebration
    1961 - Woodville School became an elementary school.
    1967 - The Freedom of Choice Plan brought Woodville its first African American students along with two additional classrooms.
    1980-1981 - On January 19,1980, fire destroyed Woodville School. Parents, students, teachers, administrators and concerned citizens worked diligently to set up and organize classrooms in two nearby churches and the remaining building on Woodville's campus. By the beginning of the 1981-1982 school year the rebuilding was complete and students began the new school year in the reconstructed building.
    2006 - Woodville Elementary celebrated its Sesquicentennial.
    2008-2009 - The Woodville History Garden and Museum Project courtesy of a grant from the Florida Wildflower Foundation in collaboration with students from Florida A & M University's school of Agriculture. Ideas were used by Woodville students and implemented to create a functional outdoor garden and classrooms. With assistance from a grant through Learn and Serve Florida students began capturing the history of Woodville Elementary from its earliest days when it was known as Hickory Grove Academy to the current school.
    2012-2013 - Woodville Elementary was designated as a magnet school for Leadership through History, Civics and Service Learning.
    2013-2014 - Ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating the school as a Magnet for Leadership through History, Civics and Service Learning.         
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