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  • KLES Front Office Hours 8:00 - 3:00pm.  

    If you have questions, please call the school during these hours. 


    Questions?  Please call KLES at 850-921-1265.

    After hours LCS HOT LINE: Call 850-518-0077 between 3:00pm-6:00pm.


    Parent Questions and Answers:

    Q- How can parents get the LCS student work packets?

    Work packets for Prek-12 grade are located online (link on the school website).  If needed, parent can pick up a printed copy at the school.  KLES will have printed packets in grade level boxes located outside the front office door.


    Q- Do students need to complete work packets?

    Yes, the expectation is to complete and get grades for assignments.  These grades will be part of their 4th nine weeks grade, and assist in promotion/retention decisions in May.


    Q- How will my child continue learning during the absence from school due to COVID-19?

    • There will be three phases of “transition” into distance learning for LCS.
    • March 23-30: All students were considered to be on an extended “Spring Break” until Monday, March 30th.
    • March 30-April 10: Beginning on Monday, March 30th, students are provided with review packets of academic materials created by LCS curriculum developers. The review packets will be available either online at, school websites, or in paper form for pick up at school sites, or at food distribution sites.

    In the two weeks between March 30th and April 13th, teachers and schools will be moving to distance learning using a blended model.  All teachers will be in contact by April 1.

    • April 13 and beyond: Beginning on April 13th, schools and teachers will be delivering distance                          learning. Specific communication regarding students learning from home  for instruction for April 13th and beyond will come from school sites. 


    Q- How can my child complete the review packets provided if they do not have computer or internet access? 

    Printed packets will be available at KLES, as mentioned above.


    Q-  When will the review packets be expected to be returned for grading? 

    PLEASE KEEP ALL ASSIGNMENTS AND PACKETS AT HOME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  We will communicate further, once the Governor's "stay at home" order has been lifted.


    Q- Will the review packets be graded and will they be incorporated into my child’s grade? 

    Yes, for details please contact your child's teacher.


    Q- How will my child receive assistance if they struggle with the review packets? 

     Teachers will have "office hours" each day and will be available for questions/answers.  Please see individual teacher websites.



    Incoming KLES Kindergarten families can register online.  Please hold all documents until further notice.  You may email our school Registrar Mrs. Payne for details. 


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    Weekly pictures of events, classes, and activities around campus. (Search Principal Wagner)

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  • A-plus


    In 2019, KLES earns an A school grade from FL Department of Education!! We are thrilled to be rated a high performing school year after year!




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Mission Statement

  • Killearn Lakes Elementary School provides students with an optimal learning environment to create and develop lifelong learners.


  • School Hours

    School begins each day at 8:30a.m. and continues until 2:50p.m.
    Morning supervision will begin at 7:45a.m. 
    Afternoon supervision will be available until 3:20p.m. 

    KLES Rules & Expectations

    Keep Learning Every Second by being:
         Responsible, &
            Ready to Learn! 


    If your child is absent from school due to illness, please contact the front office or registrar as soon as possible.  Students arriving after the 8:30a.m. tardy bell must be escorted to the front office by their parent.  Excessive absences/tardies include 5 unexcused in a nine week period or 10  unexcused in a semester, or failure to provide explanation.  Excused absences will be granted for family emergency, student illness, or a medical appointment (with doctor note).  Family vacations or trips are not considered an excused absence.

    Daily Supervision 

    KLES will follow School Board Policy 1213 which states the school “will provide for supervision of students for forty-five (45) minutes before the start of the school day and for thirty (30) minutes after the school day ends.” This means KLES will begin supervision at 7:45am. In the afternoon, KLES will end supervision at 3:20pm. If you are interested in childcare starting at 7:00am, please call the KLES EDEP at 488-1944 for morning classes.
    We invite families on campus; however, you will need to sign in at the front office before entering campus.  Safety First !
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    Stay up to date with LCS News, watch videos, check the calendar, and visit your school’s website all on the new LCS App for your phone. Click through for more information.

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Testing, Research & Evaluation

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Say No to Bullying

  • School is challenging enough without bullies!  Take a Stand and Lend a Hand to STOMP OUT BULLYING!

  • KLES WeatherSTEM

    Visit Killearn Lakes WeatherSTEM for more information from our weather station.
    It offers real time weather reports on-site and teachers can use this information to enhance science, math, and technology lessons in the classroom.


  • National Blue Ribbon School

  • FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

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