Lunch an Breakfast Information:

  • Lunch and Breakfast Program

    Leon County Schools provides FREE breakfast and lunch for students that wish to participate. Weekly menus are published on the LCS website.  KLES Cafeteria phone number: 850-922-0225.


    Each grade level has a scheduled snack time.  We encourage parents to send a small nutritious snack (raw vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, etc.) to be eaten during mid-morning or midafternoon. Candy, glass bottled drinks, soft drinks and gum are not to be sent to school for lunch or snack.

    Lunch Bunch Program

    Lunch Bunch is a terrific chance to spend time with your child at KLES. We want the time to be enjoyable and special. Please refer to the LUNCH BUNCH brochure for details of the program.

    Please help by following these guidelines:

    - Lunch must be during the student’s regularly scheduled lunch time Monday - Friday.

    - Students must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. They MUST remain seated at their assigned table in the cafeteria.

    - Students who participate in Lunch Bunch with parents are expected to obey the KLES rules at all times.