Clinic Information


    Illness / Injury

    The school clinic is staffed by a clinic assistant. If a child becomes seriously ill or injured at school, the parents will be notified by telephone. It is important for parents to keep a current address and phone number on file in the school office and school clinic. Children should be picked up as soon as parents are notified. Children with a temperature of 100° or above are not allowed to remain at school.

    Accident Insurance

    The school district does not automatically provide accident insurance for students. At the beginning of the year, insurance is available for a nominal cost to cover students during the school day. Around the clock coverage is available for a higher premium.

    P.E. Participation

    Physical education is a required part of the instructional program. Therefore, all children are expected to participate. Those under a doctor’s care who present a written statement of their condition or those who are ill with a written message from home concerning their problem will be exempt from PE class.


    Medication on a school campus is a serious matter and the guidelines will be strictly enforced. Before any medication may be left at the school for administering to your child, parent permission and instructions must be obtained. The parent or legal guardian must fill out a medication permission form found in the school clinic. The medication must be in its original container and kept in the school clinic.

    • All medication must be brought to school by a parent.

    • Children may not transport medication to and from school.

    • Only medications prescribed by a physician will be administered during school hours.

    • Nonprescription medicine will not be administered without a doctor’s note, stating it is medically necessary.

    Head Lice

    Children suspected of having head lice may not attend school. Parents will be notified of the situation and asked to pick up their child. The Leon County School Board policy requires that no lice or nits (white eggs) be present when the child returns to school. Proof of treatment must be furnished before the child is readmitted to class.