• The Bridge to Advanced Placement Program

    Swift Creek Middle School


    Bridge Coordinator:    Mr. Matt Rousseau (rousseaum@leonschools.net)

    Swift Creek Bridgeto AP prepares students for the rigor of advanced coursework while providing unique, supportive learning opportunities.  The courses, which are available in each of the four core content areas, are specifically designed for students performing at or above grade level and those students that are self-motivated to keep up with the challenge of advanced courses.  Bridge courses are intended to prepare students for the rigor of Advanced Placement courses in high school and provide them with the skills necessary to achieve academic success in these advanced courses. Students develop these skills through a variety of assignments, activities, and other experiences designed to challenge students to think critically. 

    We want each of our students at Swift Creek to receive appropriate coursework and experiences, with the level of each course matching the ability level, and goals of the student and their parents.  Beginning in 6th grade, students have the option to choose Bridge to AP content pathways in Math/ Science, English/ Social Studies, or all four of the core content areas.  We encourage students to push themselves academically, and provide a variety of support systems to help students succeed in Bridge courses.   

    Resources for the Gifted Parent from National Association for Gifted Children: