SCMS Electives Teachers



    Emma HaleyBand & Guitar



    Sandy Clary
    Media Specialist




    Pam Dunn-Alden

    Phys. Ed.




    LauWanda Fitz
    Business Ed.



    Jenilee Curry
    Chorus, Music Theatre & Guitar

    Clara Knotts


    Kathryn Long
    Dance, Theater & Music Theatre


    Reina Sessions
    Spanish 1 & 2



    Jeanne Schroeder
    Art & Cullinary



    CJ Watkins
    Phys. Ed. & H.O.P.E.


Department Overview

  • Swift Creek offers a wide variety of elective choices to our students.  As students move from 6th to 7th to 8th grade, the opportunities for a greater selection of electives increase.  Each year, faculty and administration review the offered courses and make adjustments based on student needs and interests.  Longstanding courses such as band, chorus, theater, art and PE continue to be favorites among the students.  Additionally, SCMS offers courses such as guitar, musical theatre, Spanish I and II, H.O.P.E., and culinary arts.  For more information regarding electives, or to see a full listing of the courses offered at Swift Creek, please click HERE.

Course Materials