3rd Grade Summer Reading

  •  3rd Grade Summer Reading Assignment

    Due: Friday, August 31, 2018


    Welcome to Sealey 3rd Grade, where we love reading! We want you to enjoy your summer with a good book. We would like for you to select one book from the included list of Accelerated Reading Books. Then complete the reading assignment before returning to school in August. The assignment includes a brief book report and a poster about your selected book. Be sure to include all the necessary information and use your neatest 3rd grade handwriting. Your poster and book report will be due during the first two weeks of school. Please be prepared to present your poster and convince the class to read your book. We hope you have an adventurous, reading-filled summer, and we look forward to seeing you in August!


    Book Report

    • Neatly written or typed

    • 1 page

    • Includes: Title, Author, Illustrator, important characters, brief story summary, your personal opinion of the book

    • Any other important details you decide to include


    • Colorful, attractive, and neatly put together and ready for display

    • Includes: Title and Author

    • Think of it as an “ad” for your book-you want to try to sell other people on reading the book