• String Orchestra Welcome to the Sealey String Orchestra home page. "Welcome back," to our upper-level string orchestra instrumentalists....our returning fifth-grade violinists, violists, and cellists! Last year, you proved that hard work and dedication pay off, and you had fun in the process. I was so proud of your accomplishments and am excited about the possibilities for this year! I am equally looking forward to teaching and getting to know the fourth graders who now comprise our first-year string orchestra!

    Learning to play an instrument and belonging to the school orchestra opens up a whole new world of friendship and fun. Orchestra provides a great foundation for your child in all aspects of life. In addition to music, students learn self-discipline, group cooperation, problem-solving, goal-setting, self-expression, memory skills, concentration, poise, enhanced physical coordination, high self-esteem, and the importance of teamwork…skills in great demand in almost every aspect of life. Like all of the arts, music has a profound effect on the academic success of students as well. Following elementary school, string players may participate in orchestras at the middle and high school levels. Additionally, many universities offer scholarships for orchestra participation, and professional and community orchestras offer life-long opportunities to enjoy playing an orchestral string instrument.

    This is going to be a great school year, and I thank you for the opportunity to teach your child.
    Mrs. Lisa Foltz
    Sealey String Orchestra Teacher