• The Leon County School System is a 1:1 district. We have a Chromebook for every student.

    • The Chromebook is the property of the Leon County School System.
    • Do not personalize it with stickers, labels, markers, etc.
    • The display lid is very fragile. Take care not to bang it against something, or allow something heavy to sit on it, or grab it too tight with your fingers.
    • Restart the Chromebook once a week for optimal performance.
    • Keep it Updated. Click the clock, then the gear, then About Chrome OS, and then Check for Updates

    Common Issues & Fixes

    • On, but No Display? Try a Power Refresh by pressing the “refresh” key and “power” keys at the same time for a few seconds.
    • Got a bad PIN/Password error on sign-in? Try removing your account and signing in again.
    • Getting a 422 error page when trying to log into Classlink? Delete the saved password.
    • Getting a 500 error page when trying to access a website? Try clearing the cache.
    • Make sure the Chromebook is set to accept all cookies. Changing that setting can affect whether a web page loads properly.
    • Chromebook just acting weird? Try a PowerWash by signing out and then pressing the CTRL-ALT-SHFT-R keys at the same time. Then follow the prompts.
    • Account Blocked? Notify the school tech support.

    Chromebook Points of Emphasis

    • Students will be charged for returning a Chromebook without a case.
    • Students will be charged for "defacing" the Chromebook.
    • The hinge cover might pop out, but is easy to snap back in place. Students will not be charged for lost or broken hinge covers.
    • Report all issues, damage or loss immediately to the school tech support.

    Fees are assessed per district policy.

    chromebook fees



Care/Use of Chromebook

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Last Modified on May 30, 2024