Florida Law on School Attendance

  • Florida law requires each parent of a child from six to sixteen years of age to be responsible for the child's school attendance. Students who have attained the age of 16 years and who have not graduated are subject to compulsory school attendance until the formal declaration of intent to terminate school enrollment is filed with the district school.

    Florida Statutes, 1003.24 defines the responsibility of parents for the attendance of their child at school and requires them to provide an explanation for any absence from school. If a student has unauthorized absences sufficient enough to jeopardize academic progress and it is determined that the student's parent or legal guardian is at fault for the absence, in accordance to F.S. 1003.24, the procedures under Florida Statutes 1003.26 and 1003.27 shall be followed by the appropriate school personnel.

Checking In/Out

  • Checking In

    Students arriving after the school day has begun should use the Focus Kiosk in the Attendance Office to sign in.

    Checking Out:

    Parents/Guardians must come into the Attendance Office to sign out their child. Signing out does not excuse an absence. A written excuse is still needed.

    Juniors or Seniors with their own transportation will require a parent/guardian to call the attendance office to approve the departure.

Absence Policy/Procedure

  • Every absence, be it part of the day or all day, requires a written excuse (note or email) from parent/guardian within five (5) school days of the absence to be excused. It is always best to submit a medical note if there is an appointment, as parents may only write 10 notes per semester.

    All notes must include; the student’s full legal name, grade level, date(s) and period(s) absent, and reason for absence.

    Absences must fall under the following to be excused.

    • Illness or medical care (medical evidence may be required for absences exceeding (5) consecutive days
    • Appointments (must provide documentation from the medical or service provider)
    • Death/Bereavement in the family
    • Religious holiday 
    • Financial and other special circumstances 
    • Pre-arranged absences for educational purposes 


Focus Attendance Codes

  • A - Absent (Unexcused until excuse note is received)
    E - Excused Absence
    L - Late (arrived to class 10+ minutes after the tardy bell)
    P - Present
    R - Tardy Unexcused
    T - Tardy Excused
    V - Signed out Early (Excused Absence)
    Y - Signed out Early (Unexcused until excuse note is received)

Attendance Office Personnel & Contact Info

Last Modified on December 13, 2023